Hedgehog, Wildlife

For Lisa…

…and anyone else who may be wondering how the hedgehogs are getting on in my garden. During the summer months they are rather hidden from view with the foliage of my plants – if they are out and about during daylight hours. I would love to see one during the day but alas I have… Read More For Lisa…


Table for two

Yesterday, at lunchtime, my daughter spotted the comical sight of this Woodpigeon pair having a lunch of sunflower hearts at a rather cosy table for two! Once his dinning partner left the remaining Woodpigeon appeared to eat twice the speed – no editing here! Recently the Starlings and woodpigeons have rather taken over the feeding… Read More Table for two


Bird Wars

The status quo of birds feeding at my bird feeders today was still nowhere to be seen. I would say in fact it heightened to outright Bird Wars. The Goldfinches were the only species that didn’t fight with each other. It was quite cold today, we had snow overnight but it was all away by… Read More Bird Wars