May, Large Red Damselfly resting on seed head of marsh marigold

Adding a proper wildlife pond to the garden is something I wish I had done years ago. How fascinating it has been to discover the wildlife that has made its way there like the large red damselfly above resting on a sunny marsh marigold seed head on 26/5/20. I have to stress, I am no expert here in either building ponds or the wildlife that can be found in them. I just love discovering this new world and wish others this same experience too.

I already had a very small pond with a pump and light flow of water, which was great for birds getting a drink. It was as popular over chilly snowy days as it was with newly fledged birds on their new discoveries outside their nest. This pond is overlooked by my good sized gardenwatch window and has afforded much entertainment and photo opportunities over the years. I love having breakfast there when I can.

Committing to a pretty permanent space in the garden for a wildlife pond was my hurdle. I’m a plants person that has a tendency to move plants around, often. That’s my thing, I just can’t go out and do a bit of weeding for 30 mins. I have always seen the different areas of the garden as areas to enjoy experimenting with… and I do!

Transforming a rockery, with gravel paths on all sides, into a wildlife pond was one long and challenging experiment. Madness perhaps, but it was the only area I could see working. I love having lunch there now. I truly feel part of this space especially when I sit a while with my camera. It’s a shared space like no other in the garden, affording such tranquillity. It’s hard to walk away.

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