I’ve had few, all gifts which I’ve very much appreciated. Currently I enjoy wandering around garden with my phone (Samsung S7 edge) and Canon SLR (EOS 200D) which takes nice video too. I have to point out here, I’m a bit point and shoot when it comes to taking photographs in the garden. I am a fan of the continuous shot mode which was a great discovery and helps a lot when following a moving target!

I have a Handykam camera nestbox with HIKVISION dome camera which I can watch Live and recorded captures, it has IR. I also have three Reolink RLC-410-5MP’s situated in garden, two on posts with one overlooking wildlife pond and the other overlooking the outside area of a hedgehog feeding station both with colour and IR for night viewing. The third Reolink camera is inside an enclosed hedgehog feeding station and only shows images in IR as its dark in there.

Thanks for stopping by, I’m currently writing these new intro pages after moving blog over from Blogspot to WordPress. Do visit again, I’ll be updating this with more chat and images.