Visiting birds – who is doing what?

On bright sunny mornings I have been catching some good footage, with my video camera, of bird activity in my garden. This footage really shows the character of the birds and their mannerisms. I hope to show some clips soon but for now – what are the birds in my garden up to at the moment?


  • Females and Males are regularly using my ground bird bath
  • Dried fruit on the ground feeder is going down well – although sultanas and raisins seem to be the favourites.
  • In the early morning I have noticed groups of up to four blackbirds walking quickly in dashes on the ground appearing to follow each other – I expect it is a territory thing but there is often a female in the group!
  • Food on the ground under the feeders is also attracting the blackbirds – although they do seem just as happy to go to the tables.
  • To see a blackbird go to http://www.rspb.org.uk/birds/guide/b/blackbird/gallery.asp


  • Robins and dunnocks are spending a lot of time under the feeders in search of food and mostly go unnoticed. Both are appearing at the tables but the jerky movements of the robin make me notice it before I have seen its little red breast.
  • I have noticed how much the robin’s head bobs up and down as it feeds, tilting to one side it as if to show it is forever on the alert for predators.
  • When I see a bird suddenly drop to the ground, I am still always surprised it is a robin. It just does not look as if it was built for speed drops!
  • Robins are territorial and I definitely notice it chase off the dunnocks or another robin – when the feeders are quiet!
  • To see a robin go to http://www.rspb.org.uk/birds/guide/r/robin/gallery.asp
  • To see a dunnock go to http://www.rspb.org.uk/birds/guide/d/dunnock/gallery.asp

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