Stormy January

Tomorrow sees the end of January and it will definitely be remembered for its rain and strong winds. Strong and hardy have been the birds – especially the smaller ones! They have held on tight at the feeders and on tree branches where they have been bobbed about by the force of wind, rain, sleet, hail and snow.

Our snow only last two days and January has not felt particularly like winter. I hoed beneath the feeders today and the soil moved freely. We have had some frost but as I type this it is dark outside and I can once again hear the sound of the wind blasting around outside. Why is it that it always sounds worse at night?

Robin on windy day, video 0:25 with background music, try 480p quality.
The Robin shown on the branch was doing very well hanging on for so long! It was a very gusty day – but it didn’t deter it or the other birds that came to the feeders – even when the rain came down almost horizontal.

Goldfinches have surprised me the most – they look so delicate and tropical. They really have been out at the feeders in all the elements. I have to say though that they looked particularly out of place feeding in the snow! Recently I have noticed that I am not seeing as many in my garden – I hope the packs of Starlings haven’t scared them off.

Goldfinches on windy feeder, video 0:25 with background music, try 480p quality.

Nervous is how the birds have appeared on the windy days. I assume noise is an issue then – particularly with the wind rustling through my bamboos. This background movement also causes problems with the quality of my video footage. Videos taken on windy days don’t upload to Google as successfully. I have to admit I have really enjoyed capturing the birds on film and look forward to improving the quality of my videos in the future.

For further information on the Robin and Goldfinch go to the RSPB links below. I like the feature on this site that allows you to hear the song of most of the birds and see a short video of others too. You can hear both the Robin and Goldfinch and see video of a Robin too. Take a listen at the audio/video for the Robin and Goldfinch. I think the sound of a group of Goldfinches (a charm) is what I’d imagine Fairies could sound like!

The video clips, shown above, were taken in my garden on January 9th 2007.

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