Secret Lives

Today is Mother’s Day in the UK and I just had to publish a small post on a gift I received from my daughter this morning. I believe this would be a very welcome gift to anyone who enjoys watching birds in their garden. What a lot we can miss!

Dominic Couzens, with illustrations by Peter Partington, wrote ‘The Secret Lives of Garden Birds’ and it looks exactly like the sort of read that supports some of my own observations of visiting garden birds. From my glances through it already, it is written in a writing style that I like with a mix of information, chat and stories that capture moments that often go unnoticed in our gardens. It is also in a month by month format which will highlight what can be seen when.

Inexperienced, am I in bird knowledge, but that has its advantage when writing a diary like this. I publish what I believe I am seeing and support this with further research as necessary. I am very much looking forward to having some quiet time later to read through the months of the year so far. I would imagine there is much that I have missed – but then again I will know what to look out for next year – and next month!

If you are interested in more details of the book above:
Cost: £14.99
ISBN: 0-7136-6616-1
Publisher: Christopher Helm, an imprint of A&C Black Publishers Ltd

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