Odd Builders

In direct response to comments about a Wren building a nest in an unusual place, posted on my post Caught, I went on a bird forum this evening to ask if anyone else had any experience of unusual nests. I am quite sure there are many. Now that I think about it I can recall seeing one last year in a local DIY store! It was outside tucked away behind metal fence posts on display staging. There were three or four eggs in the nest, all of different colours and sizes, I wonder if it had been abandoned.

The Forum came back with a reply suggesting that it was the Robin that was known as the ‘odd builders’. The Wren in question is building its nest outside in the casing of an outdoor socket – the power has been switched off! This reply also said that the male builds 5-8 nests and the female chooses – I did smile at that one! So I wonder now if the socket nest is the one.

Feeding Mealworms was another suggestion for foods that the Wrens may like, given as a comment on my post Caught, but this reply also suggests that mealworms perhaps should be hidden as the Blackbirds and Starlings are also partial to them!

I would welcome comments on any stories about nesting Wrens or any unusual nests, or email if you would prefer. Thanks once again to those who kindly replied tonight.

Please note that some of my links to birds on the RSPB website are not connected. I discovered today that the RSPB have just revamped their Website and the addresses for these links have been changed. I will fix them all in the next couple of days. In the meantime you can still use the RSPB link from the links section on the right column and select the bird from there.

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