The Yellow Book

Scotland’s Garden Scheme and the National Gardens Scheme (England and Wales) are gardens that open for charity in the UK. The gardens are almost all privately owned and it is an excellent way to get inspiration for your own! In some cases a village will open a number of small gardens and tea and home baking will be provided in the village hall. There are often plant sales too.

The garden owners make you very welcome and spend a lot of time getting their gardens ready for their openings and take time to chat to their visitors. I always feel sorry for them if the weather is unkind on the day. Children are made welcome too – especially in gardens where there are children. I would definitely recommend visiting the gardens – it is a great day out. I would also like to add that I took part a number of years ago with my own town and found it a great experience!

The Yellow Book gives dates, location information and instructions where tickets will be sold. There is usually a map supplied, with the ticket, to find the gardens and often coloured balloons are tied outside the gardens too. I have been known to go through the whole book, at the beginning of the season, circling the gardens I would like to visit although perhaps only visiting a few. This year I will try and plan my weekends better so I can visit more.

The book is sold at Garden Centres and perhaps some bookshops. Local Newspapers can also advertise the Opening Dates and posters are often seen in Garden Centres – usually printed on yellow paper. Of course if you are reading this you will have internet access where you can also get all the information you need. To see details of Scotland’s Garden Scheme click here and for England and Wales click here .

Happy Visiting whatever the weather!

2 thoughts on “The Yellow Book

  1. These ‘Open Garden’ days are great, aren’t they? We bought lots of plants at them too, when we were first setting out the garden. The monies helped various charities too.

  2. Hi Wildlife Gardener

    Yes, they are great. There is always such a lovely community spirit too. It is initially strange to walk into the gardens but the gardeners are always so pleased to see you.

    Also I think it is a great way to see what grows in a particular area – f you are new to gardening this is such a help.

    Yes,the biggest bonus is that the monies go to help many charities – that is why we agreed to take part ourselves.

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