Odd job day

Today I plan to go out into my garden and get number of odd jobs done. At the moment it is a bright sunny morning – although a little windy. If this wind doesn’t pick up anymore we plan to get our hedge trimming completed later. We have never actually measured it so perhaps that might be an interesting exercise too.

Next weekend we will be into September – a time usually associated for the garden to get a good tidy up for the year as many plants will be passing their best. However, I am not quite ready for that and intend taking a different approach. Pruning is a great way to rejuvenate some areas in the garden – and this is a job that I really enjoy and never find a chore. Last week I began by pruning ivy and wisteria and they both look so much better for it – although pruning isn’t just about appearance. Pruning promotes growth and bushes out a plant but sometimes when a plant is small it perhaps seems a bit brutal – but it definitely makes for a stronger and healthier plant. If you are in any doubt about pruning your plants or when to do so I would refer to a book for this or visit a gardening website – I have a few links on the right column.

Before and after photos below shows the ivy growing at the top of my walkway – it is much nicer to walk through now and the smell of the jasmine in flower is wonderful – although I did have to trim some stems of the jasmine too as they were at eye level height.

Whippy growth on the wisteria is usually pruned back throughout the summer but I have to say that I have noticed much less of this growth this year. I did prune some last week and will keep an eye on it for more. I think the photo also show how beautiful the layers of wisteria foliage are too – I love the way it drapes over my pergola.

I have a few other thoughts on freshening up areas of the garden today but the day is never as long as you would like it to be and when you plan a busy day – something unexpected often comes along. I wonder how much I will get done.

The photos above were taken in my garden on August 20th 2007.

2 thoughts on “Odd job day

  1. Nice video of the hedghog! I had some hedghogs in my garden some years ago. A female with puppys. The puppys came out in bright daylight. They became very tame, they ate out of our hand. Un’fortunately after a few years they just disap’peared. Sad, because they just love slugs. They are beautiful animals i think.
    Have a nice day :o)

  2. Hello Marie,

    Thanks – conditions were just right for us to see clearly through the box and for the video camera to capture it. It rained yesterday and last night the inside of the box had some condensation when the hedgehog visited so I was unable to get photos. It was still interesting to watch it.

    How great to have seen hedgehog puppies in your garden in Norway – what a shame that you are not seeing any hedgehogs now. Interestingly enough this morning’s BBC News highlighted that hedgehogs have now joined the ‘protection’ list here in the UK. Yes, they are beautiful animals.

    BTW I have just visited your blog and what fantastic plant photos you have 🙂

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