The Rose

The Rose is not a flower that, if you knew me, you would expect to see in my garden. However, I now have two that are competely at home with their surrounding planting. I smile when I see them in flower – partly as they are both eye catching and partly as they are both surprise guests.

Cardinal de Richelieu,shown above, was the second rose I bought for my garden. Many years ago I picked up Swan Lake, a white scented climber, shortly after seeing the ballet with a friend. Sadly this rose was mis-labelled and I removed it after it flowered an odd orange colour!

Cardinal de Richelieu was picked purely on a whim with the promise of the striking deep flower colour. I could easily picture it with my grasses. It was thorn-less and scented too – it just had to be a winner!

This rose didn’t disappoint with profusions of beautiful flowering scented flowers which looked fantastic with the evening sun gently lighting through its petals. Without a doubt I would recommend this rose. It flowered during June and July.

Silver Anniversary, shown above, was a gift – no prizes for guessing what for! I had previously posted on my silver border and this rose was chosen especially for it.

Not all the plants I have in this small area are silver – some have silver in their name like the clematis ‘Silver Moon’ bought at the Gardening Scotland show at the beginning of June. In the last week this rose has come into flower and what a beautiful flower it has!

I could instantly see why it was given its name.
It looks like it would easily belong in a wedding bouquet. However, my first were thoughts were of fondant roses on a wedding cake! I could easily be transported back into my kitchen with the smell of icing sugar.

I have made many fondant roses for special cakes for family and friends over the years. My parents Golden Anniversary cake thee years ago, shown in the photo above, was the last time I made them. I would also recommend both this rose and trying to make fondant ones!

The photo above of ‘Cardinal de Richelieu’ was taken in my garden on June 20th 2007. The photo above of ‘Silver Anniversary’ was taken in my garden on August 31st 2007.

8 thoughts on “The Rose

  1. Beautiful roses. I too am an avid gardener and last year bought three rose bushes. This year they put on a beautiful display. When I bought them I didn’t really think they would come to much but am well pleased now.

  2. Hello, OC

    Thank-you, they are, I agree and so different too.

    I am not familiar with growing roses but after your comment I will take a guess that they flower better in the second year. Cardinal is in its second year and put on a great display this year. Silver Anniv was only planted in July and has only two flowers – I will really look forward to seeing it next year 🙂

  3. Shirl, you are an artist…such a beautiful cake!! And the two roses are beautiful too. I guess I have to learn to make fondant…as there are several girlfriends who like cakes and roses and will have a special birthday next year!

  4. Hi again, Barbara

    Thank-you! Just to say I don’t make the actual fondant. I buy white fonadant and usually colour it a number of tints of the same colour so I can build up the flower petals as they would grow – usually darker in the middle. If your friends love roses trying this would be a great hit 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness… that cake looks wonderful! I can’t believe that you made all of those fondant roses yourself–what a great labor of love.

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