Photos of the Lunar Eclipse …

… much like the snowdrops were not to be taken from my garden during the early hours of February 21st 2008. However, I am absolutely delighted to be able to show a photo of the Lunar Eclipse that was taken here in the UK despite the cloud that covered most of the country.

I will say this probably time and time again, I am quite sure, that by writing this online diary I have come across so many people with particular interests that tie in completely with my own garden. Okay in this case, I am about to give a link to a site that has astronomy images. I can hear the question now and the answer is – Nestboxes!

Regular readers will know that I have a Nestbox with a camera. However, I cannot be sure that I can share with you a successful nesting season from my Nestbox so I have been looking for other sites that I can link to so that you can share in this amazing experience. I have links in my sidebar if you would like to browse there. However, nestboxes + wildlife + the photo above have all connected me to Jamie Cooper– thanks again Jamie for allowing me to publish your photo above.

Links, blogs and websites are infinite on the web. I love writing posts like this. I get comments from all around the world and one regular, Lisa from Indiana in the USA, has also posted with photos of the eclipse from her garden. Oops sorry Lisa, I am yet to comment on your photos – but I will soon. However you are in extremely good company tonight so I am sure you will forgive me!

The “Sky at Night” is a well known television programme here in the UK -perhaps outside too I am not sure. However, Jamie who took the photo above was invited by Sir Patrick Moore to join him for this eclipse – where he took the photo above and a few others. Ah, but the story doesn’t end there! If you go to Jamie’s site and you go to his link about me you will read that Sir Patrick Moore had been an inspiration to Jamie. However, if you scroll further down you may recognise a familiar face.

Rock & Roll + Astronomy + Sanity = Brian May of Queen. Now, I really am not ‘name dropping’ here but Bri says Jamie is his ‘good friend’ and has the same image on his site as I chose from Jamie too! However, I am absolutely fascinated with how one link on the web can lead to another and then another which you really don’t expect. Okay, perhaps this sounds a bit lame, but there is only one moon above our gardens and we can all watch it – famous or not! I could also get all ‘our planet’ here but I won’t. I will make just one more jump to Wikipedia who I searched for images to support this post.

Sorry, but this post could go on and on with links and I have just found one more for you. I have just discovered a few ‘interesting people’ that Sir Patrick Moore has met – you just must check this out!!

So finally, to end this post, I would like to add one more link back to Jamie who inspired this post tonight and who also has a Nestbox and videos for last year just as I do. Oh yes, and to every other Nestbox in a garden here in the UK or anywhere else in the world – good luck for 2008!

The photo above was not taken by me nor taken in my garden.

9 thoughts on “Photos of the Lunar Eclipse …

  1. Thanks for posting that link to Jamie Cooper’s astronomy photos – I could lose all track of time in there.
    I once read a book about lunar observation by Sir Patrick Moore. I wish we had television shows like his here.
    Didn’t Brian May recently get his PhD in astrophysics?

  2. Hi again, Entangled and Jayne 🙂

    Entangled – I am delighted that you have enjoyed looking around Jamie’s site. I suppose we take some of our television programmes for granted. I am not sure about the PhD for Brian but I would guess it is quite possible 😀

    Jayne – It is a beautiful photo and once again I am delighted to pass on a link to Jamie 😀

  3. Hi Shirl, I thank you for the link to my picutres. To be in such famous company. ha… I was surprised when you didn’t have a post up earlier about the eclipse. I figured you would. You take such great photos and you have such interesting things to say aoub them too. Thanks also for all the other links. I will have to get to reading.

  4. Hi again, Mel, Lisa and Entangled 🙂

    Mel – you are most welcome I hope you enjoy these sites. The picture really was amazing and I was delighted that Jamie allowed me to use it – although I hate asking. I will try harder this year to get a photo myself with some colour – weather permitting of course. Thank-you! I did consider writing different blogs for the birds and garden but then where would I put the moon! I prefer to give a mix from the garden adding a few other related topics in there – it makes it much more interesting for me too 😀

    Lisa – You are very welcome! I was delighted to see you managed to get some pictures and they were so clear too. The weather here wasn’t good so I knew I wouldn’t get any myself so I was in two minds as to post about it before the event (as I usually would). I did look for previous clips etc but couldn’t decide and then it got busy in my household and the time slot went! Ah well maybe next time. I completely had you in mind with the links – I hope you found them interesting 😀

    Entangled – you asked about Brian May recently getting his PhD in astrophysics. Jamie tells me that you are quite correct. He was almost finished it then he joined a band! Last year he picked it up again and he is now Dr Brian May – well done him 😀

  5. Cheers for the link Shirl.
    Thats a very nice site Jamie has there – what fantastic photographs!

    I was personally a wee bit gutted when it became obvious at 23:10hrs exactly, down here, that the eclipse would be invisible behind clouds – I’d been building it up and excited for 3 weeks, and had spent many hours training myself on moon photography. Well, an hour I suppose.

    Never mind eh?
    heh heh!

  6. Hi Shirley, What a lovely photo and it’s true the internet and blogs can join you to a lot of people and places.

    The photo of the moon is lovely. Thanks for putting in on your site plus all the other links.


  7. Hi again Doug and Trisha 🙂

    Doug – You are very welcome! I agree, I was delighted to discover Jamie’s site and it would have been a sin not to have passed on his links. Actually I gave Jamie your link as he also has a Nestbox, as you may have seen on his site, with activity pretty similar to yours at the moment. Ah… your photos! Yep best laid plans and all that 😀

    Trisha – Yes, it is a cracking photo and I am very pleased that I have linked across to Jamie so others can share the many other excellent photos he has. Yes, you really never know who you may come across when blogging 😀

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