Some warm sunshine

Today my garden saw the first Acer leaves for 2008 unfurl…

It also saw the first white glimpses from a few magnolia buds. I had to go in for my camera! Ah… the tulips are almost about to open too. I am so looking forward to seeing them flower especially as they begin my colour theme for 2008!

Isn’t it wonderful how a few hours of sunshine can transform the garden. Although if you look closely at the montage above you’ll see that the first of the drumstick primulas and daffodils are going over now – I guess the sunshine is responsible there too.

Today I managed a few hours in the garden. I ache a little now but I am sure I will sleep well tonight! We are to have a good day again tomorrow and then we can expect rain for a couple of days after that. My plan is to get some more planting done before the rain. I do love to change my planting schemes – that is by far my most favourite part of gardening. I’ll post on what I’ve been up to very soon.

Finally, on uploading the photos above I had a little look in the Nestbox while I was waiting. The light was going down and the Nestbox was almost completely dark but I could still make out a shape in the corner. Yep… the same corner as last night had our blue tit female tucked up in a fluffy ball sleeping. Excellent!! That’s two consecutive nights now. The Nestbox is still full of moss too. Oh yes… and I looked in earlier as I was preparing dinner and just missed the male visit with dinner for the female! Everything is moving on nicely now.

The photos above were taken in my garden on April 21st 2008.

10 thoughts on “Some warm sunshine

  1. It looks like lots of exciting things are going on in your garden, Shirl!

    I hope the titmouse makes her nest in there, and I look forward to more progress reports!

    I’m glad you had a productive gardening day!

  2. I LOVE that photo montage you did, Shirl. Saw the first magnolia blooms starting to open here too (not in my garden, down in the Valley where it’s warmer). It’s funny–you had snowdrops so long ago, yet daffs and primula dentic. are just really going over? You seem to have slowed your spring down a bit, which is nice because spring IS such a lovely season (when it behaves itself). You’re right about aching but sleeping well, too.

  3. Your blooms are all so pretty Shirl. I am achy too from working in the garden today. It got too hot too. Gosh I can hardly believe I wrote that.

  4. Hi again garden girl, Jodi and Lisa 😀

    garden girl – I agree, soon I’ll be struggling to decide what not to post on! It is looking quite positive for the nest now – although I still do see the male going to the Arch box every so often. Perhaps he’s forgetful or maybe he has another mate building a nest in there too! Yes, there is always lots to do in the garden at this time of year 😀

    Jodi – Thanks, I loved that one too. Yes, I see what you mean. Although the first primulas are going over there are still a few opening up yet. It’s the same with the daffodils with the paper whites and frilly ones so fresh and new. Yes, I love Spring too but I agree it can misbehave as it has done for you! As for still aching I only have myself to blame 😀

    Lisa – Yes, they are understated but lovely non-the-less. I hope you are feeling okay today. Lol – enjoy your warmer temps! We have a wind today so out in the sunshine it doesn’t feel as warm. I’ll be warm enough giving my tiny greenhouse glass a good clean. The promise of sowing seeds at the end is keeping me going 😀

  5. Our maples on the property are flowering as well — a bit of sunny warmth sure can make a difference…both to the plants, and to one’s disposition! Happy Earth Day!

  6. Wonderful photos of a sunny garden (we are still in our rainy period here!). Hope your aches are cured by now! Do not work too hard, Shirl, and have a good time,

  7. Things have moved on in the last few warm days here as well. Our magnolias flowered two-three weeks ago and went all brown in the frosts. Hopefully because yours are later you will not have this problem. Sylvia (England)

  8. Hi again Nancy, Barbara and Sylvia 😀 Sorry for taking so long to reply.

    Nancy – Great to hear about your Acers, ours are almost open now. We have cool rain now so I am sure the next warm sunny spell will bring all the leaves fully out. Yes the sunshine does make us all feel good. Thanks, I hope you had a Happy Earth Day yourself 😀

    Barbara – Thank-you, we now have the rain so perhaps the sunshine is with you now in Switzerland. Thanks, my aches took their time to go. I really must get back to the gym and get fit for the gardening season ahead! However I feel I always have a good time gardening. Enjoy your weekend whatever you do:-D

    Sylvia – It is always interesting to hear about plants in England. I guess people outside the UK would assume that in such a small country our plants, birds and wildlife would be at the same stages. We really have many differences across the country. Sorry to hear you lost your magnolia flowers to frost. Today in the rain I now have two flowers trying to open. I hope they take their time and wait until it is dry to open fully. Have a great weekend 😀

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