Garden Bloom Day June 2008

On Sunday, the 15th of the month, I took some video from my garden for my Bloom Day post. I am perhaps a little late in adding my post to Carol’s comment list of 104 tonight but I plan to anyway. Carol won’t mind – it’s the taking part that counts.

My Friday posting has already shown some flowers of the moment but it might be assumed that from these photos my garden was a blaze of colour. Not so, as you will see from my videos below. The flowers are really sitting in a sea of greens. I love the way my garden is looking at the moment. Soon more flowers will burst into colour but I like this time just before when green is still the dominant colour.

Garden wander video, video 1:08 with background music, try 480p quality.

Garden wander video, video 1:16 with background music, try 480p quality.

I have a new video camera that I just haven’t had time to experiment with properly. The quality of capture is much better than my old camera but after my initial video upload to Google video tonight I was unhappy with the viewing quality. That is why I have tried out Blip.tv for a change.

I am trying to find a way to show clearer video with the camera moving. This is tricky over the internet. Although the videos above are still not of the original quality they are much improved and I am fairly happy with them. You will perhaps notice that there is a toggle button to full screen but for a better image I would suggest you view it the size given above. I enjoy experimenting with moving film as much as with my still camera.

Finally, I have to add that I do have a few other flowers that have not made it in this posting as they were still in pots at the time of filming on Sunday morning. It was a very busy weekend and I do have a very special story to tell concerning one of the plants I bought and a garden visit I made on Saturday. I will keep you waiting a little longer for that!

The videos shown above were taken in my garden on June 15th 2008.

17 thoughts on “Garden Bloom Day June 2008

  1. Shirl, I just loved the videos of your garden. The overviews show how lush and beautiful it is. Your choice of music for each video is right on. I loved the music for the windy shots. The hedge in the last pictrues is picture perfect.

  2. Bill Odie move over! Those were fun vids of your garden Shirl and I liked the music too. Were that the famous rocks I spotted in one of the vids? Love that garden seat! Hmmmmm, should I be curious too? 😉


  3. The videos really help capture the feel of your garden. I love the Alliums & the Heuchera/Japanese Maple combo.

  4. Hi again Lisa, Yolanda and Mr McGregor’s Daughter and Hello Karen and Sam 🙂

    Lisa – Thanks, I hoped you would. I took more time than usual choosing the music but it is great fun! The hedge is just starting to show signs of needing trimmed. However we usually wait until August to do this. You can see that the bulb area in the grass is still uncut. That will get cut down in the next week or so. Enjoy the rest of your week 😀

    Yolanda – LOL, what can I say! Glad you like the videos and as I said above I love having fun with the music and the editing. Ah yes… dear Watson you are quite correct! These are them infamous rocks 😉 I love the seat too and there is a story behind that purchase but perhaps not one for the blog. I couldn’t possibly say if you should be curious 😉 Cheerio and have a great second holiday 😀

    Karen – Thank-you! I enjoyed my visit to your blog. It’s great how we discover new gardens through GBBD isn’t it? Enjoy the rest of your week 😀

    Sam – Thank-you! Once again it is nice to meet someone new on through GBBD postings. I usually post photo montages but occasionally I do videos – they are great fun to do. Deep purples go great in my mostly green garden. Enjoy the rest of your week 😀

    Mr McGregor’s Daughter – Thank-you, that is exactly what I was trying to share. Seeing close-up shots are great for detail but don’t always show mood. I love the combos you mentioned too. However, I cannot believe the number of wonderful blooms you have in your posting – wonderful stuff!! Enjoy the rest of your week 😀

  5. Hi Shirl, your technical skills are surpassed only by your gardening skills! I am in awe of the photos from the pre day post and the videos. One of my favorite things in the garden is movement, and you have offered that up on a silver platter. Well done, and I am a bit green with envy that you can put together such a professional post. Sigh.

    Frances at Faire Garden

  6. Thanks for dropping by my site and leaving a comment, especially since it led me to yours. It may be just the nudge I needed to upgrade my internet connection. Still using dialup, I just get your videos in itsy bitsy snippets and it has whetted my appetite for sure.

  7. Shirl, what a wonderful idea to video your garden. It looks wonderful. What a large hedge you have…so dense and tall, just lovely.

    I’m not sure I would like to video my garden as then you could see all the weeds that don’t make it to film! LOL

  8. Hi there Frances, Ricki and Debbie 🙂

    Frances – Gosh, what can say? Thank-you for such a flattering comment! I always like to have fun with the images on my posts. Have a great weekend 😀

    Ricki – You are welcome, I enjoyed my visit. I must apologise to you and all who can’t watch my videos due to connection speed. I usually add a still photo or two but having a pre bloom day post this time missed that out. However, if you do upgrade there are many other blogs that have video too that you could see. I have lots of film on the birds and wildlife that visit my garden and some on visits I have made too. Have a great weekend 😀

    Debbie – LOL yes I could see why you would be concerned about tidiness for a garden video. However there is one thing to consider – the processing involved in compressing files to show on the internet would camouflage most weeds! My lawn was full of daisies and needed cut. I was going to mention it but when I looked at the video it didn’t look too bad. Yes, the hedge is large and has to be trimmed to keep it in check. This is a job we hate but at the same time it gives us great privacy when there are houses all around us really quite close. I am glad you enjoyed the video. Have a great weekend 😀

  9. I finally made it to your bloom day post! The videos are a wonderful way for us to see your garden.

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day once again!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  10. Wow! I love the samba one with the grasses dancing in the breeze the best… made me laugh out loud – in a good way!

  11. Hi Shirl. Great videos. Your new video camera seems to be coming up trumps, and I liked the panned shots (really hard to do that without any judders!) I haven’t seem “blip” it gives quite good quality doesn’t it… anything has got to be better than Google Video or YouTube. I tend to use “vimeo” now, really good quality as well. Thanks for posting these. Jane

  12. Hi again Carol & Jane and Hello Emma & Sarah 🙂

    Carol – Gosh I don’t know how you get time to visit everyone – well done you! Once again I have enjoyed taking part. Have a good week 😀

    Emma – Thank-you! I hoped it would be entertaining too. I enjoyed your slide show presentation it is also a great way of enjoying the images without scrolling through a post. Have a good week 😀

    Sarah – Glad you enjoyed it, I have great fun doing them! Have a good week 😀

    Jane – Thank-you! It is early days with both the camera and blip but it is looking promising. Yes, I’ve seen Vimeo on your site and its results are good too. Have a good week 😀

  13. Dear Shirl – I finally organised a little Green Leaf day – or perhaps a big green leaf day? So come on over if you would like to make one of your wonderful presentations!

  14. Hi again Emma 😀

    Excellent, so I see. I passed the word and I see you have a fair bit of interest now. You also have some who have posted already 😀

    Great stuff. Once the weather improves I will get out with my video camera – just for you. A few montages have to be on the cards too 😀

    Have a great weekend 😀

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