Those April Fools…

… no, I am not referring at all to the practical jokes played before noon on the 1st of April! Nope… instead I’d like to wish everyone born on April the 1st a very Happy Birthday!!! Why? Well… because I can… and because I am an April Fool myself! So how about a Birthday song or two ?

Oh… and I’d like to wish, fellow blogger, Andrew a very Happy Birthday too. I hope he has a great day! I definitely plan to have a good one myself as this is one of those ‘special’ Birthdays for me. I have a few plans starting with a breakfast of Almond Croissants, Strawberries and Pink Champagne… not a bad start to the day wouldn’t you say? Oh my… its midnight here in Scotland… Happy Birthday… Happy Birthday…

The videos above were both taken from YouTube video one, video two (Video two, Scottish band ‘Altered Images’ on Top of the Pops).

28 thoughts on “Those April Fools…

  1. Happy birthday Shirl. At least it’s an easy one to remember – but we know you’re no fool! Enjoy your croissant and champagne.

  2. Lisa, VP, Daffodil Planter, Nancy, Sheila, Stuart, Katarina, Jane, Paul, John, Victoria and Celia 😀

    Thank-you all so much for your good wishes. I am having a lovely day, thanks for joining me 😀


    Many,Many Happy Returns of the Day Shirl, hope you have a WONDERFUL time!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    It must be awful ‘slumming’ it on strawberries and pink champagne.


  5. Hi again ShySongbird, Liz, Denise, Frank and Rob 🙂

    ShySongbird – Thank-you so much for your birthday wishes and your email good wishes for my family over a difficult time. I did have a great day. Thanks for popping by and being part of it 😀

    Liz – Thank-you! Oh… I did! Today I saw a Blue tit with moss in its beak although I suspect it has gone to the nestbox without a camera. Oh yes … plenty of yummy things including two birthday cakes 😀

    Denise – Thank-you, I did 😀 Ah… I’ve just looked on ebay and it seems there are a few copies up there at the moment. That was a fun version of HB wasn’t it 😀

    Frank – Thank-you, I have and thanks for your good wishes 😀

    Rob – Thank-you! Oh yes… it’s been such a difficult day! Cheers 😀

  6. Dear Shirl,
    A very happy birthday to you, on this ‘special’ year (!). I’ve had a couple of ‘special’ ones myself! All the best to you, dear bird-lover! Jan

  7. My birthday was March 5th…we’re not too far apart…especially if we were born in the same year (!)…who knows?

  8. Hope you had a fab birthday Shirl, we April fools need to stick together….. you’ll see what I mean if you read my blog!!

    Hope you have a clear head today after all that champagne. Happy Birthday 🙂

  9. Belated birthday greetings to you Shirl ! I hope that the year ahead is filled with fun,flowers and of course birds 🙂

  10. Belated Happy Birthday Shirl! Hope you had a wonderful day with lots of presents. 😉 I’ve been shamefully neglecting you lately, but not by choice. Hope to visit you and your blog more regularly soon!

    Hope the weather is as lovely in Scotland as it is here, 21 C on April 3!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Hi there Jan, Andrew, Anna, Tricia, Yolanda, Pete & Joe 🙂

    Jan – Thank-you! Ah… we have family birthdays in March too. Well… who knows 😉

    Andrew – Thanks, I definitely did and so did you I see! Some real April Foolery there though – my comment got gobbled up. Oh… no probs at all with the head – hope yours was fine too 😉

    Anna – Many thanks, I hope so too. Wishing you all the best too 😀

    Tricia – Thank-you, yes it has been a lovely few days 😀

    Yolanda – Thank-you, I did on both counts! No probs at all 😀 I know how time can go when there are lots going on around you. I’ve had a lot of distractions myself and have struggled to get around fav blogs (including yours) and have been slow to answer my comments and in leaving any around too. My posts have been less frequent too – but twice as chatty!! Thank-you, don’t think we reached 21 C but I did see 17.5 C on the car temp at one point on the 2nd. It is sunny again this morning. Have a great day and week ahead 😀

    Pete – Many thanks Pete, I appreciate it 😀

    Joe – Thank-you, it was! I’ve had a brilliant few days 😀

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