The invasion begins

Magic moments… as gardens get invaded with these seasonal men in white! I wonder just how many were made today. I made a request for mine and my daughter kindly obliged! Perhaps we could run a BIG GARDEN SNOWMANWATCH 😉

Organised moments… as kitchen, dining and coffee tables get invaded with seasonal wrapping of every description. I wonder just how many parcels will be wrapped today. No… I do think we’ll do a count on that one. It really is the giving that counts. I’ve enjoyed wrapping mine today 😀

Visiting moments… as cards and wrapped gifts invade car boots and bags. I wonder how many Santa runs were carried out today. Yep… we’ve enjoyed that one today too 😀

Smelly moments… as fridges and freezers get invaded with season foods and the great Christmas cook off begins. Okay… I need to get back to that one… tonight its time for the invasion of the seasonal cookbooks to leave their shelves!

Gardenwatching moments… as gardens get invaded by birds desperate to find extra high energy foods to help them survive the cold nights. Peanuts in seed feeders are going down well in my garden at the moment. I wonder how just many birds visit your garden today… it’s fun to count them. Perhaps you might want to join the RSPB’s BIG GARDEN BIRDWATCH on January 30th or 31st 2010 for an hour to count them.

Enjoy all the magical moments of this time of year 😀

The photo above was taken in my garden on December 20th 2009. Thanks C 😀

8 thoughts on “The invasion begins

  1. I love the Snowman Shirl, very cute 😀

    I plan on making one tomorrow with our snow, assuming it's still here that is…. Perhaps I ought to have made one today…

    No presents wrapped here yet, very unlike me as I usually do them straight away. I must get to it!

  2. Not enough snow here for snowmen building. Wrapping still be done and cooking but finished work so lazy evening ready to start on festivity preparation tomorrow

  3. Shirl,
    I looked the the bird count, we'll be traveling. The only birds on his/her list that we have are the starling and house finch, thankfully neither has found our garden.

  4. Love Smiler the snowman. Haven't seen any yet round the village though there is plenty of snow about.
    I must make a note of the Birdwatch dates on my calendar.

  5. What a cute snowman. We just had enough snow to cover the grass and it will melt away soon.

    It sounds like you are about ready for the big day. Have a great time with family. Merry Christmas.

  6. Hi there Liz, Helen, Randy, John, Lisa and Anna 🙂

    Liz, it was wasn’t it? Unfortunately it is aging before our eyes with the weight of extra snow on its back! Hope you get the chance to make one too and you got sorted with your wrapping and deliveries. Have a great Christmas 😀

    Helen, I see a snow scene on your blog. Perhaps you have snow now. Thinking of you and your family 🙂

    Randy, Thanks, we can no longer see the face of it any more! A snow squirrel? I’ve never seen one of these. This birdwatch is for the UK only and run by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. I believe you have counts for the Cornell Institute I think. Have a great Christmas 😀

    John, yes, smiler is a great description. My daughter that made it is called that too! Yes, I keep meaning to do pre-count counts to see how they compare too. Have a great Christmas 😀

    Lisa, it has been and we never expected it not our snow to last so long. I was farily ready then we didn’t go out for a few days so then it was a bit of a panic to get the last parcels delivered. Have a great Christmas 😀

    Anna, it was but the pavements and roads definitively are not! Hope you don’t have disruption down your way. Have a great Christmas 😀

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