Three chicks hatch

Wonderfully, I had the camera view up on my monitor at the time and recorded the first one too! I didn’t expect this today. No videos tonight… just a couple of images. I couldn’t let today go without mentioning this. I’ve collected some very interesting footage today and I’m really looking forward to editing it tomorrow. Mum and Dad have been recorded together in the nestbox too 😀

Image from colour cam that operates with natural daylight only.
In this camera view the entrance is on the righ. Two chicks. Time: 6pm.

Image from IR colour cam. Night view doesn’t show image in colour.
In this camera view the entrance is on the left. Three chicks. Time: 9pm.

Last night’s update posting was rather lengthy in terms of photos and chat. I had so much I wanted to fit in… sorry about that. Can’t believe I am replacing it so quickly! Never mind, that blog was as much one for me and my garden records too. It’s a bonus when people read the longer ones. I’m glad now I covered so much garden news as nestbox news will rather dominate things now.

I wonder… if we could be seeing six chicks by the end of tomorrow. BTW Dad is being a good provider of food so far 😀

9 thoughts on “Three chicks hatch

  1. Hello everyone, this truly is a captivating time getting this insight 😀

    lotusleaf, yes it is fascinating to watch. Mum & Dad can be seen now in some videos. Hop you get the chance to see them.

    Carla, you can now! Head over to Bird TV:-D

    Costas, absolutely! Hope you get the chance to see the videos. Check the link above 😀

    Rosie, the best!! Although, I would like to step away from the screen and see some Chelsea Flower Show coverage too. It’s taped 😀

    John, thanks, the first programmes in Bird TV are up now. Hope you enjoy them 😀

    Liz, thank-you. I definitely am at the moment! Fingers crossed, and crossed again that we see no losses this time 😀

    Lisa, I’m thrilled to be able to share them. It would be absolutely brilliant if they do 😀

    Carol, very much so! Well done Mum & Dad 😀

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