Snowdrop Festival & Visits

If it’s real life or virtual Snowdrop walks/visits you’d enjoy then perhaps you might want to pour yourself a cuppa and browse the links below. Yep… if you are wondering where to find Snowdrop displays to visit just now, perhaps I might have found you just one or two. It has been fun searching 🙂

Scotland is hosting a Festival of Snowdrops just now. Oops… apologies for my late arrival to the party. I’m hoping I’ll redeem myself now with a bit of a Snowdrop Fest… please do join me 🙂

For my blogging friends and visitors outside the UK who will never see snowdrops growing (unless they visit countries that do) this post is dedicated to you.


Below you’ll see links to gardens and blog posts where you can see Snowdrop displays. Here in Scotland they are just beginning but I always forget that down in England and Wales they are a few weeks ahead of us so sorry if you’ve missed an opportunity there.

Fingask Castle

Perhaps you could help me? If you know a garden or blog post that I’ve missed or you would recommend please do add a link below. Please no spam, I will delete your entry and if you persist will close the links completely and you’ll spoil this for everyone.

If you are a blogger and have posted on Snowdrops/visits already (or plan to soon), please add the URL of your post below with the location and area followed by your name as I have done with mine. Snowdrop photo posts are welcome too 🙂

Dalmeny Park

As well as enjoying seeing snowdrop displays myself, I do hope many more people will enjoy visiting gardens at this time of year to see them too – perhaps for the first time 🙂

I haven’t decided which gardens I will visit this year. Perhaps Cluny in Perthshire for a day visit but I am considering a night viewing of snowdrops at Cambo…

Looks quite a spectacle doesn’t it? Drumroll please 🙂 Let’s open this Snowdrop Fest at shirls gardenwatch… let’s share our Snowdrops with the world 😀

Yellow Book Openings shown in list below: SGS = Open Gardens in Scotland,
NGS = Open Gardens in England & Wales. NT = National Trust Gardens in England & Wales. NTS = National Trust Gardens in Scotland.

Please note that you won’t be able to right click and paste your entry but if you hold down the Ctrl button and press the ‘v’ key you can add your copied code okay then.

16 thoughts on “Snowdrop Festival & Visits

  1. Hi Shirl,

    I'm hoping the Snowdrops are now in full bloom here, I plan to go to Hodsock Priory (North Nottinghamshire) this weekend, where they apparently have wonderful collections.
    Mine have been out for quite a while, but are still going strong, so hopefully I won't have missed them yet.

  2. Well just forget about seeing snowdrops here in Nova Scotia for AWHILE…and we won't talk about the chipmunks eating the bulbs..no no no..but how I would love to visit one of your Scot or English gardens bursting with these beauties.

    Is it true..Myddelton House, auctioned off a snowdrop bulb worth one hundred and fifty pounds just recently???

  3. Wow… You were both quick to comment last night 🙂

    Thank-you, I had just posted and was just beginning to add the links at the time. Lol… it got a bit compulsive once I started listing them and I went searching some more. Need matchsticks for my eyes today… went well past midnight. Some editing of my post was required today 🙂

    Liz, excellent! Enjoy your visit. I added your Macro posting last night. I didn’t realise you had posted this – great images. Delighted you are going to Hodsock as that was on my list. Guessing you’ll post on your visit… please add your link 😀

    Brenda, hopefully the Chipmunks haven’t been too hungry this winter and you’ll have some displays to enjoy when your time comes. Didn’t know they ate them, thanks for adding that. I hadn’t heard about the snowdrop bulb sale. I see now that Gardens Illustrated covered it and it sold for £357!

  4. Hi Shirl – thanks for your comment over at mine and for the link on here. Such a great idea to group all these websites and posts together – a great resource for years to come 🙂

    I thought you'd be mentioning Cambo, but I didn't know they did a visit at night. I would love to visit then 🙂

    Not sure if you'd like my complementary version of the John Sales visit with Helen?


  5. Hi – me again 🙂

    Just remembered you need to have Benington Lordship on your list:


    NB at the bottom of this link, there's links to lots more snowdrop gardens, including Colesborne Park in Gloucestershire. Snowdrop expert John Grimshaw is based there and has his own blog:


  6. I don't know of any garden around here that has such a spectacular showing of Snowdrops. My own little patch is up but seems to have been stunted by the cold snowy winter we had this year. It is a delight to see them no matter what their height.

  7. Lol… this Snowdrop searching is becoming addictive 🙂

    VP, thanks, the idea started last week but many distractions held it up. Originally I was ruling out gardens that openings were passed but you’re right this could be useful for another year too. Oh dear… I should have logged the ones I passed by! Yes definitely, your version is most welcome too. I got distracted leaving comments on the way back here and was planning to return to your post to add it. Thanks too for the extra links. I must walk away from this PC for a while but I’ll be back looking through that list you’ve given later tonight… thanks 😀

    Lisa, I remember seeing your shorter than usual snowdrops. I had never seen/heard of that before. I agree they are a delight to see even in the tiny clumps we can have in our gardens. Mine is mega mini, but they do make me smile. However, some of my tiny group of Snowflakes (8-10) are almost opening their flowers today and I will be positively beaming then :-)))))))))

  8. Hi Shirl, A great idea here. It is so nice to find the first Snowdrops, I have the grand total of…3!!! They have been there for 4 or 5 years now so should have multiplied, I really should move them but of course as they prefer being moved while 'in the green' the weather is never conducive to gardening at the right time.

    I see you are looking ahead to your garden visits, let's hope the weather soon improves for us all so we can get out more 🙂

  9. D'oh!! Messed up linking to a couple of snowdrop posts on my post (I put my name and not the name of the blog, so please remove the link). If anyone is near Berkshire UK, I recommend Welford Park – the sight of hundreds of thousands of snowdrops is very impressive.
    I'd like to add your cambo picture is excellent.

  10. Zobaczyć "pole" przebiśniegó, to z pewnościa niezapomniane przeżycie. Mam jednak nadzieję, że to przeżyję w kwietniu w Ogrodach Keukenhof w miejscowosci Lisse w Holandii będzie równie wspaniałe. Pozdrawiam

  11. Sorry I’ve left it a little late tonight to visit your blogs and comment tonight. I will visit you in the morning 😉

    Jan, thanks the idea has grown a tad 🙂 Yes, mine have yet to multiply too. Yes, moving is a tricky one as they don’t like to be disturbed. Yes, very much looking forward to garden visits for 2011. Need to post on the ones from last year too. Sorry, I haven’t got back to your email. I’ll be in touch tomorrow 🙂

    Richard, easy done 😉 Thanks so much for adding your snowdrop links. As you will see now, I have edited them. I hope I got it right for you now. Let me know if the details are wrong. Your photos are great 🙂

    Pauline, I just wanted to say thanks for adding your links too. I don’t know if you’ll read this but just to say you’ll see I edited titles to help those looking to visit gardens with snowdrops. Your photos and info of the different species are great 🙂

    Giga, you have some wonderful images on your blog. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  12. Will be returning here over the weekend for a good stroll round the snowdrops Shirl ~ what an excellent idea 🙂 Sadly I have had little time to get into my own garden let alone do any garden visiting so far this year. I was delighted to though to win a raffle prize at our garden club meeting last night – a pot of snowdrops 🙂

  13. Shirl, I feel as though I'm in the same category as "Shy"… about 3 snowdrops that have returned two years in a row! 😉 Beautiful little flowers and I admire them!

  14. Sorry, I'm a bit late to this post, but I have put in my link from last year's visit to Anglesey Abbey to add to your resource for future years!

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