The peak of the 2011 Perseids is near…

Take a look outside…have you clouds tonight too? Don’t worry… Saturday morning just before dawn has been suggested to be the busiest time for the annual Perseids Meteor shower here in the UK. Someone correct me here if I have this wrong – other parts of the world will have different times. Please do share yours if you know them.

Perhaps I’ll set an alarm for Saturday… pre blog I never knew this annual spectacle happened. Seriously though… this really is an amazing piece of gardenwatching and I’d definitely recommend it!

I should say, I’m not a science geek but I have to confess to be being absolutely fascinated and blown away to see trails of meteors dart through the sky by my naked eye over the last two years. In my head I’ve heard a whoosh as the meteors dash through the sky but there is probably no sound to be heard… or is there? Maybe I should get out a sound recorder 😉

Anyway, if this is something that might interest you too there are probably many websites with info. Meteorwatch is the one that has caught my eye again. Here is their video for 2011…

Enjoy your sky watching this weekend 😀

This post was written by Shirley for the blog shirls gardenwatch.

5 thoughts on “The peak of the 2011 Perseids is near…

  1. Pity dawn is so early this time of year 😉 Let's hope we get a break in all the cloud which has covered much of the country these past few days.

  2. Hello again Lisa, John & Gerry and thanks for all your comments.

    Lisa, I completely agree! Hope you got some good views 🙂

    John, Yes I agree with you too. Hope the cloud cleared for you you 🙂

    Gerry, you're most welcome. I too look forward to this event 🙂

    Welcome Bridget, thanks for popping by. Hope your cloud did clear. That's an interesting blog you have. Will pop by soon for a good visit 😀

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