18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Hedgehog in me Heuchera!

  1. You are gone off to bed tonight with a huge grin on your face..I know it!! What photos!! YOu know we don't have hedgehogs here in Nova Scotia but…I wish we did. Course, my little ceramic ones from England lift my spirits..but your photos..they made my heart smile. Lucky you.

  2. Hello Karen, Lisa, Brenda, Startoz, Donna, Janet, Tatyana, Bridget & Pauline. Thanks for your comments 🙂

    I’m delighted that you’ve all enjoyed this (not always seen) visitor to my garden. I love to share these visits. This one didn’t hang around long on each visit.

    Last night I saw it return 3 times in the time span between 10pm-12 midnight. I put outside lighting on when I spotted it arrive (via IR cam) but unusually it seem to respond to this light change. My video footage was very short so I haven’t shown it.

    I’ve been recording hedgehogs in this way on and off for a few years and usually the hedgehogs just carry on feeding when the light comes on. This one turned around! Interesting… the hedgehog’s eyesight isn’t believed to be so good but it has a good sense of smell and hearing.

    I’m looking forward to seeing if the hedgehog shown here returns again tonight. I’ll be watching for it 😀

    Brenda, yes… I did go to bed with a smile on my face… delighted these images make your heart smile too 😀

    Janet, Ah… road kill takes many hogs. Quite topically, I saved one from road kill the day before. Perhaps I should have added that story here. I discovered a small juv roadside that was destined to go under a car or tractor tyre on the almost single track road. It couldn’t stay upright. I’ll tell the whole story in a future post 😉

  3. That is so adorable. I think we are especially enchanted since they do not live in our backyard. But we have read Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle a dozen times 🙂

    Thanks for the photos!

  4. Great images. I didn't think we had hedgehogs until we put out a trap (harmless to the animals) to try to catch what we thought was a visiting fox. First night we caught a hedgehog, I was so pleased to see it, I hope his experience hasn't put him off visiting my garden. I'll post about this sometime, it is quite funny and a real indicaion of what living in Italy can be like! Christina

  5. Great to see you still have hogs about Shirl. I wonder if one will show an interest in your hedgehog house.

  6. Great pictures. I have got a family of Hedgehogs in my garden, I don't feed them because there are plenty of slugs in my garden to keep them going. I do put out the occasional drink for them though.

  7. Hi again everyone, sorry for the delay in replies. Thanks for all your comments they are very much appreciated 🙂

    Cher, I agree, how can something so prickly have such a sweet face and adorable character. Enjoy sharing our hedgehog visits 🙂

    Julie, Once again I agree. I also understand the extra attraction when they won’t live in the wild in your backyard. Ah… Mrs Tiggy 🙂

    Christina, Thanks. Oh wow… what a surprise you must have had to find a hedgehog in your much warmer garden. You must be thrilled. Look forward to reading all about – and perhaps seeing some pics? Your garden is looking great just now. I always knew it would be extra special at this time of year 😀

    John, yes, I am delighted to finally see a hedgehog visiting regularly again. I’ve no camera in the hog house at the moment and the night cam is on another area so I don’t know if the house is being investigated at all. Must keep a closer eye out 🙂

    Andrew, ah yes… wordless works well too when short on time and you want to share some images 🙂 I’ve not been visiting blogs much lately (life stuff – you know how it is) but I did spot your post on the House Martins. Great images. I’ve just got round to reading it now. I’ll leave a comment on your post now 🙂

    Mike, hello again, I hope you are well. I see you’ve been up in Scotland again, nice pics you posted! Thanks, a very generous comment. I loved the colour in these images which were taken from a clip of video I took in my garden. They were screen grabs and not photo captures from the camera and I am delighted with the results I have managed to get doing this. Enjoy the rest of your summer 🙂

    Stephen, Thanks, you bring up a great point – putting water out for hedgehogs. That will encourage them to visit the garden just as much as a dish of food especially during dry spells. Enjoy your family 🙂

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