Garden Fireworks & Wildlife

Catherine wheels (Japanese Anemone flowers), Sparklers (Catmint, Red Campion & Erysimum)…

Fountains (Verbena Bonariensis)…

Fireworks fizzled out on the ground (Hosta & Fern)…

Wood stacked for bonfires…

Don’t worry… I’m not making a bonfire in the shady (back of the fence) border shown above. I’m not planning a big tidy up here either… except for a little weeding and the winter protection for my Gunnera.

However, looking for shelter, wildlife will wander for into a stacked pile of wood pallets set out for a bonfire just the same as they would this wild(ish) corner of my garden. I’d say the advice of not building a bonfire until the day it will be lit is a good one. Hopefully the mostly nocturnal hedgehogs, mice, frogs and toads will not shelter in them and stay safe.

Coming back to November’s garden fireworks we have the crackles (aka weeds & dried broken flower stems)…

Next we have the smaller gentle rockets (short stemmed seed heads)…

Cover your ears now for the Grand Finale (tree seen from window glowing with evening sun last night)…

Phew… no firework accidents! Do take care if you are handling fireworks in your garden tonight. Sometimes fireworks appear in places you don’t expect (new mealworm feeder hidden in small Acer tree)…

You might come across a hidden/missing firework and not know if it is safe or not (Blue tit discovered this new feeder after just ten minutes)…

I’m guessing many cameras will be out in force tonight trying to capture the colourful displays. I suspect tonight/tomorrows blogs will have lots of great images.

I never considered the camera opportunities this morning’s newly located (hidden) feeder would afford me… it’s going to an excellent photo spot 🙂

Finally, I can’t let this post go without a birthday mention… my eldest daughter was 21 this week (Halloween) and tonight she is back in the Granite City to celebrate with her friends. She’s beginning with the organised fireworks display at the beach

Wishing wildlife and everyone watching firework displays a great and safe night tonight… looking forward to seeing the photos and hearing all about it 🙂

This post was written by Shirley for shirls gardenwatch in November 2011

9 thoughts on “Garden Fireworks & Wildlife

  1. Hi Shirl,

    Over the past week or two the trees here have really begun to turn red and I've noticed in the garden behind what seems to look like a Cherry which I don't think I've ever noticed before – I assume it's popped up from a dropped fruit and only this year has grown large enough for me to notice from my house – the garden behind us is left largely untouched as the couple are elderly.
    There are some lovely colours around at the moment, that's for sure!
    I don't think I'll have any firework photos, since it's on a saturday all displays will be today and as I'll be at one myself I won't be taking my camera along.

  2. What a fun post! It took me a second (I've been away from England for so long) to see why you went with a fireworks theme. Of course…remember remember the 5th of November! I can't believe I forgot. A fabulous look at all the 'fireworks' in your garden though. The grand finale was spectacular. I really love your new little feeder too. It frames the birds beautifully for photos!

  3. Hi Liz. The fiery tree is just gorgeous in the sky. I like your little anemone. That new feeder is going to be so popular. You will be getting some more great shots. Those little Titmice flit around so much that they find the grub fast. LOL! Sassy little things too.

  4. I like your fireworks a lot, Shirley. I love the big firework displays in Edinburgh during the Festival even if the noise is overwhelming.
    Unfortunately the dog is not so keen and is already hiding under the desk!

  5. Hello again everyone, you’ll be getting fed up my excuses for late replies recently.

    Incredible timing, but just what are the chances of two family members having a laparoscopy within 9 weeks of each other? This time it was my daughter and her appendix was removed during hers. She’s home now. Let’s hope this is the last of our hospital journeys for this year 🙂

    Liz, well, since your comment I’m guessing your landscape has changed quite dramatically. Hope you enjoyed your fireworks display. Should be using my camera in the garden just now as frantically grabbing an hour when I can to get it’s neglected summer state in order for winter 😮

    Clare, sorry about the mystery. Oops… I did wonder if those outside the UK would follow this. Glad you got and enjoyed the fun 🙂

    Lona, Thanks for stopping by. I am thinking this feeder spot is going to a good one. So far only the Blue tits have been spotted using it. A Dunnock did pop by but looked a tad confused to see mealworms in a dish up there and left them. It’s fun watching that’s for sure 🙂

    Janet, thanks, I was just having some fun with my pics. Never seen(heard) the Edin Festival ones. I can image the noise as the niose bangs against the tall buildings. Hope your dog was okay 🙂

    Lisa, I’ve got to laugh there – I’m very rudely interrupting any early sleep for winter as I madly rush around trying to sort stuff. No time for the camera either.

    John, thanks I love those shots too. I find it great fun picking spots for feeders etc giving consideration to photo opportunities. I’d take a guess you do too 🙂

    Glycine, Thank-you!

  6. First of all, let me compliment you on your wonderful photography which displays vivid colors and minute details as well as texture and form. Very good job on that.

    I love all the posted photos but my favorite has to be the last one which show a posing bird at the edge of the feeder.

    Oh, yes. Congratulations to your 21 year old daughter. What an exciting age!

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