7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Meconopsis ‘plastic wrap’

  1. Shirl, that has to be one of the most perfect and truly stunning photos of Meconopsis I have ever seen… Plastic Wrap..is it really called that or is that your pet name for it?

  2. What a gorgeous meconopsis. It's one of those plants that just will not grow in my garden. Purchased plants wouldn't establish, and seedlings from a friend succumbed to slugs and snails.

  3. Sorry, Shirl, but that perfect image of a meconopsis doesn't need anything to make it better. Much better left as nature intended! Christina

  4. Hello everyone, I’m delighted you have all enjoyed seeing this very favourite flower from my garden 🙂

    Bren & Christina, Oops sorry… I do enjoy occasional arty moments with plants and birds. Oh yes… the natural version is totally the best 😀

    Crystal, that is a shame you can’t grow this plant – I do know how lucky I am 🙂

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