New Year Wishes from…

There were many nominees from the 2012 gardenwatch year that could be fitted with a Scottish kilt graphic and bring a smile to blog visitors. I’ve considered quite a few fun ways to review the year too. Then, after walking into my local supermarket and hearing the Scottish music playing I decided there was another way… something to help get round the Hogmanay cleaning too perhaps?

Jimmy Shand, a favourite of my Dad, will play out 2012. The first ‘tune’ in the video below is a Bluebell Polka. The image in the video of the Bluebell wood is also a reminder to me that I want to visit more gardens in 2013 and I’ve never seen a Bluebell Wood before so it’s going top on my list. Believe it or not, I’ll likely be heading to where I grew up as a child! It’s that just the way 😉

The second ‘tune’ in the video below is ‘The Northern Lights of old Aberdeen’ and that’s one that my Dad would play on his harmonica (or mouth organ as we would call it). This tune is apt in many ways.

I’ve become keen on watching out for sightings of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) from my garden and caught a slight glimpse one night this year. I was amazed – it was a first for me. I’ve followed links to many stunning images and followed the fun of sightings via twitter too. Perhaps we should head up to Aberdeen in 2013 which is also where my eldest daughter will be taking in the New Year this year – a first again.

Okay, it’s time to get your dancing shoes on. Wait a minute though… before you start jigging around the room to the video below, I’d like to wish good health and happiness to you, your family and friends for 2013.

See you next year!

Shirley x

This post was published by Shirley for shirls gardenwatch in December 2012.

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  1. Oh you have bought back childhood memories of watching Jimmy Shand on 'The White Heather Club' 🙂
    May the new year treat you kindly Shirl xxx

  2. Hi Shirley (as you signed yourself off with your full name I have given myself permission to officially 'drop' Shirl now 🙂 ) Well, I did enjoy my little jig and I've no idea why but the second piece made me feel quite emotional so if it affected me like that I can imagine what it did for you….happy memories though I'm sure.

    Now, I read it once then again then about four or five more times…you've 'never seen a Bluebell wood'!!! Should I read it again, have I gone mad, how can this be?? You HAVE to rectify this Shirley, I always say there is nothing but nothing like an English Bluebell wood in springtime and I'm sure they are no less magical in Scotland. You have to catch them at exactly the right moment though, if they are not quite 'out' you must go back again….it really is the most beautiful sight!

    Right, after my little rant I will leave you to recover 😉 and say I hope you had a very Happy Christmas (although I'm sure it was a difficult one for you all, particularly your Mum) and I wish you and your family a very Happy and Healthy New Year…I hope this will be a much better one!

  3. Hello everyone and thanks for all your comments 🙂

    L, thank-you! I’m delighted to hear that you’ve been entertained 😀

    Sue, thanks, it was and I bet it would be 😉

    Anna, ah… I was going to mention the White Heather Club as my Mum & Dad enjoyed going to see it. Thanks, hoping it’s a kind year to you too 🙂

    Brenda, Thanks – the best wishes to receive 🙂

    John, Yes, they were a nice couple of pieces. Thanks, to you and Penny too 🙂

    Helen, Thanks, my wishes for you too 🙂

    Jan, ah… I fessed up to Shirley when my blog became 4. I’ll make it easier for you now by changing my settings – no name dropping required 😉 I’m sorry to hear the second piece made you emotional when it gave me nice thoughts of my Dad and didn’t properly make me sad. I’m sure my Dad would have played the first piece too. lol… I have fessed up to not seeing a Bluebell wood before. I bet it is a beautiful sight and smell. Rant accepted, Christmas had little sad moments when I was on my own but we were keeping strong for my Mum and she was for us so it was okay. Weird, so very weird that he was not with us just the same.. Thanks for your good wishes – I’m sending mine to you too 🙂

    Angie, Thank-you… oh dear I see you’ve not had the best of starts having wind damage to your property. We saw news coverage on tv. It was a lot wilder on your side of the Bridge by the looks of things. How you get things sorted without too much bother and expense. Happy Gardening and Blogging for 2013 🙂

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