Bye bye 2015

You’ve been a strange year in many ways – as a blogger I’ve been a bit of a stranger too.

Lazy, garden hours wildlife pond watching have been in complete contrast to longer, hard-working gardening days. Tiny, delicate lace wings of large red damselflies in complete contrast to thuggish weeds invading the gravel path nearby.

After nine blogging years the garden/blog balance changed this year and my garden reclaimed me. It’s been good 🙂 An organised potting shed makes working in the garden such a different experience! I can totally recommend it.

Garden Blogging, I can also recommend. I’ve missed it. Will year 10 at shirls gardenwatch slow this blog down further? I hope not. Like the 30ft tall Kelpie Sculpture, Duke, above I’ll try to keep my head down when at the PC and hopefully see you there. Like the heads up Kelpie, Barron, when I am outdoors I plan to enjoy sunny days gardening, wildlife watching, taking photos and video.

Wishing all blogging friends and visitors to this blog a very Happy and Healthy 2016! Thanks for popping by during 2015. See you in 2016 🙂

This post was published by Shirley for shirls gardenwatch in December 2015.

10 thoughts on “Bye bye 2015

  1. I am really not sure at all about what I think of the giant sculpture.
    Anyway hope to keep reading about your garden next year. Have a happy and healthy New Year!

  2. Hello again, Sue 🙂 Andy Scott is the sculptor behind the kelpies. I took many photos and intended a blog post after our visit. They are very special close up. They are two separate sculptures with a gate of water between them. We took the tour inside the heads down one found it breathtaking.

    Thanks, wishing you both all the best too. I do hope to visit blogs like yours and post more regularly in 2016. There have been many distractions this past year and more ahead so we will see 🙂

  3. Oh Shirl, I can tell you I have been missing on the blog front this past year too. It sounds like you have your hands full this coming year what with wedding preparations and the garden. I will look forward to anything you decide to share here. Best wishes and a Happy New Year to you.

  4. I've missed your garden and wildlife observations Shirl so hope that we see more of you in 2016 🙂 Wishing you a most happy and healthy new year! That sculpture looks breathtaking. I must find out more forthwith.

  5. Hi Shirl, thanks for the comment and a happy new year to you and your family too, strangely enough we drove passed these horses heads today having spent the new year in Anstruther. We also got some photos of the northern lights looking north towards St Andrews hope you got to see them, when I get chance I will put them up on my blog.

    Keep the posts coming and I will drop in when I can.

    Cheers, Mike.

  6. Hello again to you all, thanks for popping by and leaving your comments. 🙂

    Lisa, I’ve noticed you missing too, thanks, I also look forward to anything you decide to share 🙂 With fb, twitter, time and the absence of Blotanical blogging has changed a bit. It has lost the community spirit it had in the beginning. However, there are still bloggers around from our early days and new ones for us to get to know when we have the time to connect with them 🙂

    Brian, thanks – I didn’t expect to be posting so soon after this one. There are always surprises in gardenwatching and time permitting, that’s what keeps me coming back here to share them 🙂

    John, thanks, you too! Hope you are flood free. It’s been awful for so many.

    Anna, thanks, I’ve missed sharing them. I’ve continued to take photos and video so when time is spare… Thanks, wishing you a healthy new year too. Do find out more about the Kelpies and pop in to see them the next time you pass this way. You’ll not be disappointed 🙂

    Mike, you are very welcome! It’s nice to pop by everyone every now and again. Down at walking level, alongside the canal with its wild flowers, is a whole different experience with the Kelpies than driving past on a busy dual carriageway/motorway as you will have done due to the Forth Bridge closure (my OH’s extended Edin commute passed by them too). I believe they look good lit up at night too but I’ve never seen them. I missed the northern lights sightings so please to share them when you can 🙂

  7. A slightly late happy new year, Shirl! I was a bit of a stranger to blogs and blogging in 2015 as well, but unfortunately unlike you I didn't get much gardening done either. Hoping 2016 will be better!

  8. Juliet, Hello again, nice to see you 🙂

    Thank-you, wishing you a very Happy New Year too! Oh dear, wishing you good health in 2016 so you can enjoy getting out in your garden and if we see you blogging again that will be a bonus – take care 🙂

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