4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: The Admiral’s visit

  1. Still no butterflies of note here and the buddleias are almost over! I don't think all the windy weather this year has suited them. Lovely shots of your red admiral.

  2. I have had the Admiral visit our garden this summer. Trying to get a picture is almost impossible for me. Your pictures are quite beautiful.
    I saw the flying squirrel again last night. 🙂 Such fun.

  3. Hello again to you all, thanks for visiting and leaving your comments 🙂

    Sue, very sorry to hear – fingers crossed they have since arrived since. It’s become very busy here recently. We’ve had windy days and butterflies have been seen swaying on the buddleja. Thanks, I’ve had fun collecting more images.

    Lisa, thank-you, I love the challenge of trying to capture these very fast and delicate creatures. Oh… I need to check out your blog for more on your flying squirrel – fun indeed!

    John, thanks, I see you’ve seen the Peacock too. We are getting quite a few of them here just now – one was particularly tattered, how it managed to fly straight I don’t know. Enjoy your buddleja visitors 🙂

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