0 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Kokedama

  1. This is all the rage around here. Every where you go that sells plants have these little beauties tied up for sale. I haven't done it…yet. I keep thinking about having to water it. Feeling a bit lazy this spring I guess. ha..

  2. Loved this post. Yes, they are becoming the rage over here also but I don't think, for me. Watering them, might be a problem but I assume you just soak them for a bit? Have been a lazy blogger am afraid, but thought of you when I did my last post. xo

  3. I've drooled over photos of snowdrop 'kokedama' Shirl but I'm sure that if I attempted to replicate them, I would end up covered in pieces of moss and that the bulbs would be totally destroyed. Were you inspired to have a go? I hope that you enjoyed your trip to the Botanic Gardens.

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