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Scotland is a beautiful place to live in with some breathtaking scenery that could match any other in the world. Yes, it can be cold and wet with sunshine not always guaranteed but its people have a warmth that more than makes up for that. No, I don’t work for the tourist board! I never tire of the scenery we have and embrace each season with great expectation. I personally would actually find it dull if I woke every morning to a promise of another hot sunny day. I genuinely enjoy our variable weather – but not all do!

In search of the sun, and the different lifestyle that goes with it, many Scots choose to emigrate. Australia is a strong favourite – this is where my friend has lived for many years. Not surprisingly for all the sunshine she has now, she still misses Scotland!

Britain’s national favourite, in the bird kingdom, the Robin is one thing she misses. Yes, not particularly Scottish I hear you say. I had sent her a very small movie file showing a blue tit and greenfinch munching into sunflower hearts at my feeders. I was experimenting with video footage. She returned mail telling me of her love of robins and how it would make her year, far less her day if I could send her footage of them. I’m working on that, but they do seem to sense the second I set the video camera to record!
‘Enjoy the sheer beauty of a Scottish winter …………….. you lucky people enjoy, every minute of it’ is how she ended her last mail. It made me think about how I could share it with her now. Hence the Blog idea, introduced to me by my husband.

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