Who took the cheese?

Today I put out cheese out and set up the video camera to see if I could catch a Wren on film. I had seen this tiny little bird bouncing down the rocks that surround my small pond. Yesterday it looked like it went in one of the little cave pockets I built for it and the toad that has also been spotted in this area.

Blackbird female eating cheese, video 0:21 with background music, try 480p quality.

Blackbirds, female shown above, and males, I did suspect may take the cheese as they have definitely been enjoying the scatterings I put out with the sultanas some days. I also suspected a field mouse may take it. I didn’t see it go. I was very fortunate in how I had positioned the camera and am very pleased with the result. Sadly the Blackbird will probably look there again – I hope it doesn’t scare off the wren. I will put the cheese away from this area next time, I don’t put it out every day.

The video clip above was taken in my garden on January 19th 2007.

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