Robin warning

Two posts today – this one is quite special too. Today I originally took my video camera outside to film the frost on my plants – to see if the frost sparkles would show. I only have sunshine in my back garden for a short time in the morning so I try to take advantage of it when I can. I happened to glance over to the bird table to see a robin appearing to sunbathe on its roof.

Vocal Robin, video 0:33 no background music, try 480p quality.
Robin, shown above, initially didn’t seem to take any notice of me setting up my tripod. So, as he didn’t look like he was about to fly off I took the opportunity to catch him on film. I zoomed in as you can see and then, as you will hear, it started making a strange noise – not the song that I would have associated it with at all. I referred to my book and it suggests it could be an alarm call. I have seen no signs of nesting etc so I am a bit confused as to what he was making his point about. However it is a lovely piece of film – real sound for a change too. Shortly after this I left the camera running – that is when I caught the Blackcap in the previous post.

What a delightful couple of day’s video capture to share in this Blog. I wonder what tomorrow will bring – it has just started snowing!

The video, shown above, was taken in my garden on February 7th 2007.

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