Garden focus

I have been publishing this Blog since November and my intentions are to record the progress of my garden throughout the year. For the moment much attention has been given to the visiting birds but plants have been my major focus for almost 25 years. It is only in the last two years I have actually been regularly feeding the birds! I cannot, to any degree, profess to be an expert when it comes to birds. I will say though that I am enthusiastic in all that goes on in my garden – it is a living growing space.

My interest in birds however has seriously grown in the last six months. I am enjoying identifying them, putting out different foods and feeders and generally observing what happens. I wouldn’t say I am a real bird watcher. I’d say I was a gardener first and foremost. I would say, however, that I am no longer the sole owner of my garden space – I am definitely sharing it with the birds and I cannot now imagine it without them!

My passion for plants will become apparent as the year goes on. My garden is quite small and my greenhouse is tiny but this in no way deters me in experimenting with plants and schemes. Last autumn I took cuttings of clematis and I cannot wait to see if they have taken! I enjoy growing particular plants, I don’t always know if they will survive in my garden but when they do, and seed themselves, I get such a buzz that I have the conditions that they can thrive. I plant the plant, take the cutting and sow the seed and the plants grow. I am now becoming to feel the same about the birds -I put up the feeders and put out the foods and the birds come. How simple is that?

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