Siskins still with us

The Siskins have settled in well to the feeding protocol already established at the feeders in my garden. The female has been seen more – especially enjoying the sunflower hearts with the Goldfinches.

Today I saw two females with the Goldfinches but so far I have only spotted one male. I read that they associate in flocks so maybe we will see more of them or perhaps they will join in with the increasing flock of chaffinches!

Siskin feeding video, 0:27 with background music, try 480p quality.
Siskin female, shown above, is quite happy dining alone and clearly doesn’t want the housesparrow to join her! What a feisty little thing she is for her size.

Siskin with Goldfinch video, 0:28 with background music, try 480p quality.
The Goldfinch,shown above with the Siskin female, seem to be acceptable dining companions. This female Siskin was quite happy to be joined by a Goldfinch at her feeding table. They fed for some time together and she was clearly fussy with whom she dined as you will have seen above! Notice the size of the Siskin, at 12cm in length, it is a little smaller than the Goldfinch which is 13cm. I didn’t realise it was so small until I saw it above.

Siskin with Blue Tit video, 0:15 with background music, try 480p quality.

The Blue Tit shown above with the Siskin female, seem not to offend most birds maybe that’s because they never hang around when the feeders are already taken! This Siskin female had many visits to this particular feeder today and was briefly joined by a Blue Tit popping in for a sunflower heart – to go! Again look at the size difference between them. At first glance the Blue Tit appears larger but it is just the shape difference – it is actually shorter in length at 11cm.

Follow the links for more info and images on the Siskin, Goldfinch and Blue Tit.

The videos, shown above, were taken in my garden on February 12th 2007.

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