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Lowes at home

Well almost, a good near 2nd. The loch view above, seen from one of the visitor hides at SWT Loch of the Lowes, is maybe missing from the garden but recent activity seen from my gardenwatch window, pretty well matched what I’d see from the observation window in the visitor centre. Garden focus had been… Read More Lowes at home


Golden moments

Seeing a juvenile bird being fed by a parent in your own garden, for me anyway, rates up there as one of the golden moments in the garden – especially if the juvenile in question is a goldfinch! Before writing this gardenwatch diary I had never seen (or should I say noticed) a goldfinch in… Read More Golden moments


Hot spot

My Acer palmatum Sango Kaku looks stunning lit with early morning sun at this time of year. Its coral branches just look fantastic especially when covered in frost at the same time as they were this morning. However this tree is also quite a hot spot for the birds in my garden especially on sunny… Read More Hot spot


Busy, busy

This is a busy time of the year for family and friends but I have been very surprised at quite how busy the bird feeders have been in my garden! It hasn’t been too cold and we haven’t had snow or hard frosts. However the numbers of visiting finches really have increased greatly especially with… Read More Busy, busy


Heating on!

The title here might suggest that I could be referring to heating my tiny greenhouse, but no, very few plants remain in there. This morning it was my house that needed the chill lifted – this is June and even in Scotland not something I would normally do. As I opened my curtains and looked… Read More Heating on!


Siskins still with us

The Siskins have settled in well to the feeding protocol already established at the feeders in my garden. The female has been seen more – especially enjoying the sunflower hearts with the Goldfinches. Today I saw two females with the Goldfinches but so far I have only spotted one male. I read that they associate… Read More Siskins still with us