Busy, busy

This is a busy time of the year for family and friends but I have been very surprised at quite how busy the bird feeders have been in my garden! It hasn’t been too cold and we haven’t had snow or hard frosts. However the numbers of visiting finches really have increased greatly especially with the goldfinches but siskins are now coming to the feeders with them.

Yesterday morning I put my video camera out at 10am to see what I could capture. Although it was dull at that time you can get still an idea of the activity at one of my three hanging feeders and all were as busy throughout the day! I also have a table, two small tray feeders, a caged feeder and a fatcake guardian as well as my apples on obelisks. When watching the videos I would suggest that you turn up the volume if you would like to hear the birds chatter.

Siskins with Goldfinch & Greenfinch, 1:05 with background music, try 480p quality.
The video above shows the Siskins with a Goldfinch & Greenfinch. The male siskin is yellow and the goldfinch has red on its head. The other birds are female siskins and you can see how much smaller than the goldfinch they are – and it is small too!

Great Tit & Blue Tit video, 0:26 with background music, try 480p quality.
The video above shows firstly a great tit and then a blue tit taking advantage of a quiet moment to dash in for a takeaway of sunflower hearts. Notice that the blue tit is tiny compared to the great tit and so much quieter too. I had never noticed the great tit chatter as it came to the feeders before.

Goldfinch group video, 2:27 with background music, try 480p quality.
The final video above shows part of the goldfinch group that is visiting my garden at the moment and as you will see they are not exactly harmonious on every visit! Again if you listen you will also hear the lovely tinkling sound they make when they fly away.

January sees the return of the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch for 2008 on the weekend of the 26th and 27th. I will post more details on this soon but I do hope that I will have still have the siskins, goldfinches and blackcaps visiting that weekend to add to the bird count for my garden.

All videos above were taken in my garden on 29th December 2007.

8 thoughts on “Busy, busy

  1. Lovely video Shirl. Wish we had goldfinches and siskins… we only get brief visits from them. However, the bullfinches have been around a lot lately. I will put a note in my diary regarding the bird watch. We usually make it a family affair, running from window to window to see who can get the most!

  2. Love seeing the different birds you have Shirl. Those goldfinch look quite different from our American variety. Happy new year to you!

  3. Very nice videos Shirl Siskins are one of my favourite birds, last year in Jan we had between 12-20 all visiting my garden, so far I haven’t seen one but fingers crossed they will show up again in the new year.

    Special thanks also for adding my link to your blog, since you did the visits to it have doubled tenfold, hopefully next year will bring a lot more wildlife to our gardens to blog about.

    Best wishes and happy new year.


  4. Happy New Year and congratulations on a fabulous site… I saw your name on another wildlife site and the fact that you live in Perthshire caught my eye – I spent a few years living and working near to Aberfeldy – so maybe not far away from you? I’ve been out in the garden all day today making the most of the reasonbly mild weather in Brittany for this time of the year and as you say in your blog there are definately more birds around this year greedily feeing – maybe there’s a pile of cold weather to come! Bon Annee! Miranda

  5. Hi again, Jane, Jayne, Mike, Lisa and Hello Miranda 🙂

    Jane – Thanks, although I wish the videos were clearer as always. The goldfinches and siskins are great to see at the feeders although I would be thrilled to see a bullfinch! A family affair sounds good on the RSPB bird count front – the more pairs of eyes the better 😀

    Jayne – Thank-you I enjoy seeing the birds in the American blogs – it is very interesting to see how different they all are when they have the same name. Wishing you a very Happy New year too 😀

    Mike – Thank-you I do love the siskins too although I don’t believe we have ever had as many as you although we have easily equalled these numbers with the goldfinches. We were very lucky to see siskin juveniles in our garden in 2007. You are most welcome re the links – I’ve actually repeated them in a post today too so perhaps you will get a few more visits again. It is great to get feedback. I agree more wildlife in the garden would be good in 2008 – I must look out for hedgehog young this year now I know they visit! Wishing you a very Happy New Year 😀

    Lisa – Thank-you we’ve had a good time it is great to catch up. Yes, these birds are particulary pretty to see at the feeders – and they are tiny too! And a very Happy New Year to you too 😀

    Miranda – Thank-you and a very Happy New Year to you too! I have moved within Perthshire but I did attend High School in Pitlochry – small world! How interesting to hear from someone gardening in France. I have had a quick look at your blog and I love your frosty photos – especially the one with the cow! Thanks so much for adding my link. I plan to add your link to my list of garden blogs and I look forward to a longer look around your posts and following your garden in 2008. Happy New Year! 😀

  6. Most colorful goldfinch.
    Fun videos !
    I keep hoping to capture a picture of all our backyard birds but this year with the starlings has been disappointing.

  7. Hi again Patsi 🙂

    Our goldfinches are pretty but not quite as golden as yours. It’s great to see the differences. Ah… your starlings… the challenges you give them are fun too!

    However, I do understand completely your quest to let the other birds get at the food. The starlings can be bullies and definitely put some species off visiting the garden. Good luck in getting your photos 😀

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