The Siskin Garden Party

Outside the window, a bobbing tail of the mostly monochrome Pied Wagtail waved, as if to say “Sorry, I missed last week’s photoshoot deadline for infrequent or new garden visitors during winter cold spells”. No worries, you can join the Siskin Party that rocked the garden over the weekend that followed! Why is it though,… Read More The Siskin Garden Party


The lunchtime rush

Frantic rushing about to beat the queues… Fridays can be a bit mad. No, I’m not referring to the mass exodus out of company car parks heralding the end of the working week (for some). I’m talking about the busy lunch hour and picking up something to eat.Do you go for the busy area with… Read More The lunchtime rush


Spot the birdie

Over the weekend I’ve had a bit of a challenge trying to ID a visiting bird to my garden. Wow… the pale yellow colouring of this bird was really noticed in the flock of birds descending on the feeders on Saturday afternoon. It was raining quite hard at the time and raindrops were all over… Read More Spot the birdie


Hot spot

My Acer palmatum Sango Kaku looks stunning lit with early morning sun at this time of year. Its coral branches just look fantastic especially when covered in frost at the same time as they were this morning. However this tree is also quite a hot spot for the birds in my garden especially on sunny… Read More Hot spot


Busy, busy

This is a busy time of the year for family and friends but I have been very surprised at quite how busy the bird feeders have been in my garden! It hasn’t been too cold and we haven’t had snow or hard frosts. However the numbers of visiting finches really have increased greatly especially with… Read More Busy, busy


Evening sun

Watching my garden and taking photographs in it has made me more aware of how it looks with differing degrees of light levels during the day. It is amazing how quickly these levels change and how the essence of vibrant colours lit by evening sun just dissolves in a second. Last night I was trying… Read More Evening sun


Siskin male and who?

Like the rest of the UK we haven’t exactly had the sunniest of June’s. Surprisingly though, during the wet and windy days the bird feeders in my garden get very busy. Siskins have not been seen in my garden since they left when a male was seen with the finch disease on March 21st –… Read More Siskin male and who?