Camera Nestbox – first pic

Finally we have our camera Nestbox up and running! The weather and time available in daylight hours has caused the delay. We are delighted to have it ready for the birds to use – as much as seeing what happens inside if they do. I am taking a guess that some interest was shown this morning. As I watched with my daughter we saw the light levels within the box flicker – first thoughts went to our leads are they properly connected? Then it occurred to us that perhaps a bird was on the roof!

The first picture, shown above, is a still capture from our Nestbox taken at 8am this morning. It is shown with colour as the light levels were fairly good then. The box gets the early morning sun and is lit by natural light only – through holes in the roof which are covered by clear Perspex. I wonder if the prospective occupant had thought it could gain entry from the roof! We will monitor light levels over the next couple of days and move the box round the corner of our wall should it be necessary.

Future posts, if we should be so lucky, will be a mix of still and video capture. We are very much looking forward to seeing what happens next.

The photograph, shown above, was taken from the camera Nestbox in my garden on March 2nd 2007.

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