Bluebird Returns…

I could not resist using the title above – when you view the video below you will know exactly why….

Blue tit hangs around nestbox entrance, video 0:21 with background music, try 480p quality.

Wingspan of Blue Tit, shown above, gosh I have never seen a bird, far less a Blue Tit, look quite like the film character of Batman – looking like a winged Bat! How surreal is that?

After my early morning watch, I set up my camera outside positioned at our new Camera Nestbox. I was hoping to catch the birds on the roof to see how they have approached it. I was delighted with the film I captured – the Blue Tit has clearly learned how to use the front edge of the roof of this Nestbox to its advantage. It now has a place to have a brief pit stop before getting back to the important business of getting, this Nestbox, prepared for nesting. It reminds me of a gym workout – it clearly has a lot of strength to hold its own weight!

The video, shown above, was taken in my garden on March 7th 2007.

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