Springwatch Survey 2007

Join the biggest ever survey into the arrival of spring in the UK. Watch out for six key species and let the BBC Springwatch website know when you first see them. By collecting information about the first signs of spring Scientists will have a better understanding of how spring is changing and what needs to be done to help wildlife thrive in the UK.

Springwatch with Bill Oddie returns to BBC TWO on Monday May 28th
with live wildlife reports from around the country, reuniting presenters Bill Oddie, Kate Humble and Simon King. I strongly believe the enthusiasm of presenters on programmes like this help tremendously in raising awareness of wildlife and what we can do to preserve it.

To record your sightings for the Springwatch Survey 2007 go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/animals/wildbritain/springwatch/record/ and remember it can be just one or all six. Every record will help. I will take part this year and see how many I can spot in my garden – although I will record others in my region if I see them too.

First frog spawn – there is a remote possibility that I could see this in my garden as I have a small pond. I also have a toad that hides in the small caves around my pond, but I have never seen frogs in my garden nor spawn in my pond any other year. So I don’t believe I will be able to help with this one.

First seven-spot ladybird – I do get ladybirds and I have seen some this year already. Next time I see one I will count its spots. I could help with this one.

First red-tailed bumblebee – now I know what this one looks like as I noticed it in my garden last year. So I do know what to look out for here, and again there is a chance that I can help with this one.

First peacock butterfly – I do get butterflies visit my garden but I don’t believe I will see this one as I have never noticed it before. This one is a maybe – if I keep a photo out to remind me what it looks like!

First hawthorn flowering – this I won’t see in my garden as there isn’t one! This one is definite no.

First swifts – as I am en route to a nature reserve there is again a chance I could help with this one. However I will need a photo again to help identify them. We can get large flocks of birds, geese in particular, go over my garden but I am not always sure what they are!

Happy spotting if you take part!

Springwatch is run by the BBC in association with the Woodland Trust and the UK Phenology Network. In 2006, more than 100,000 records came in and it hopes to top that in 2007.

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