Unexpected activity

Today was very cold. As I returned the feeders back to the feeding station, after washing and refilling, my eye was drawn to some activity at the Robin Nestbox. I quickly set up the video to capture further action.

The cheeky Blue Tit perched itself on the front opening of my Robin Nestbox. It had a very brief look about before being chased off. I’m really not certain what chased it and that is why I set up the video camera shortly after. It looked from the back quite like robin but could it have been a dunnock? I’ll have to keep an eye on this.

Flying overhead, as I was setting up my camera, was even more unexpected! This was first for me. On its approach I thought this bird was a seagull and initially didn’t take any notice. Something clearly caught my eye to take a second look as it approached the roof of my house. It was flying slower and more deliberate than a seagull. It wasn’t all white either and it was quite long too. A quick check with my book confirmed my suspicions – a Heron had just flown over my house. I know it is not unusual for Herons to be seen at garden ponds – but I have never seen one here. I must be honest – I gave a smile when I glanced at my own tiny pond as it was frozen over! The Heron would be unsuccessful in fishing at garden ponds today.

Blue tit feeding around nestbox, video 0:33 no background music, try 480p quality.

Blue Tit caught, shown above, at our Robin Nestbox once again. The pergola has ivy growing on it and it looks like it was a search for insects that brought the Blue Tit to this box. You will see it at the bottom on the right at the beginning of the film. I hope further searches don’t scare off any birds considering using this Nestbox. I have to mention at this point that there have been very few sightings of the robins at the feeders in the last few weeks – I wonder if they have nests already.

Singing while it worked – the Blue Tit was busy again at the entrance of our Camera Nestbox next. It only briefly stopped work for a little song – probably to tell the other birds ‘this is my house now’. It had visited the Nestbox a number of times today and on one occasion it didn’t peck the walls and floor at all. It appeared to look at them for some time – I wonder if it now feels it is ready.

Not one but two – our Song Thrush was seen with company today. I did think I spotted it looking less shy yesterday and it did appear a little fatter – it was a different bird! So numbers are increasing once more. I also spotted the Song Thrush doing a little chasing itself today, although I am not sure which one. I do know what it chased though – the tiny Wren!

The video, shown above, was taken in my garden on March 21st 2007.

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