April morning snapshots

The April sunshine is still with us so I took the opportunity to sit outside with my camera to see if I could catch the birds as they came to the feeders. I took a coffee out with me as it wasn’t as warm out of the sunshine. I was patient and although I was quite close to the birds they did come as the pictures below show.

Greenfinches and Chaffinches, shown above, I have noticed enjoy perching on the branches of trees and shrubs where they can catch the sun. You can see how, in certain lighting, the Chaffinch female, below, can be mistaken for the Greenfinch.

The Great Tit, shown above, is quick to come to the feeders – always appearing to be on the look out for predators as you can see. It will often remove a seed and eat it on the branch of a tree nearby where there is cover above it.

The Starling, shown above, comes to the feeders in rain and sunshine. Surprisingly though it does stop a minute or two to have a brief reconnaissance, from tree branches and other vantage points, before it fully launches into the table and feeders.

The Blue Tit, shown above, visited our Camera Nestbox as I sat below. It was aware I was around and did stop a moment when the shutter clicked on my camera. But my presence didn’t deter it much as you can see – it continued removing nesting material from the box!! What a lot of effort goes on building a nest it seems – are this pair inexperienced perhaps?

Weather conditions do appear to have an influence on how many birds come to the feeders. Cold, wet and windy days definitely have much more activity than the sunny ones!

2 thoughts on “April morning snapshots

  1. some very good behavioural observations you have recorded

    interestingly enough down here in the south we find the sunnier days attract more birds than wetter days

  2. Thanks for your comment. I had no idea there could be behavioural differences based on location. Perhaps the birds are used to warmer weather in the south than we have here. The finches in particular will sit for some time on tree branches that catch the sun – they actually appear to sunbathe and don’t even chatter.

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