The lunchtime rush

Frantic rushing about to beat the queues… Fridays can be a bit mad. No, I’m not referring to the mass exodus out of company car parks heralding the end of the working week (for some). I’m talking about the busy lunch hour and picking up something to eat.Do you go for the busy area with… Read More The lunchtime rush


Who’s watching who?

Oh my… what beautiful brown eyes. Em… no this wasn’t one of the many gatecrasher/eavesdroppers at Saturday’s very successful Dinner Party. Nor was this handsome chap a guest/gatecrasher at the very busy bird feeders in my garden on Sunday morning either! Mallard Male, click to enlarge.The early hours of Sunday morning saw another brief sprinkling… Read More Who’s watching who?


Frozen out

Frosted images are gathering momentum around garden blogs at the moment. Yep… I would like to add some from my garden too. Over the weekend we saw pretty cold temperatures for this time of year. At -5.5 deg C (22.1 deg F) throughout the day it was too cold for snow but for two days… Read More Frozen out


Getting outside

This morning started off frosty but now we have blue skies and sunshine. As I sat writing my last post (I’ve a lot of catch-up posts to do) the birds enjoyed a new seed mix that has insects. I caught I few shots through the window. Photographing the birds through the window is less than… Read More Getting outside


Hot spot

My Acer palmatum Sango Kaku looks stunning lit with early morning sun at this time of year. Its coral branches just look fantastic especially when covered in frost at the same time as they were this morning. However this tree is also quite a hot spot for the birds in my garden especially on sunny… Read More Hot spot


Albino Wildlife

Last night BBC’s ‘One Show’ featured hedgehogs once again. I was busy at the time so asked my daughter to quickly record the programme. Today at lunchtime we watched this film and although we didn’t see the whole programme I was fascinated to see the very young hedgehog that the presenter was holding and even… Read More Albino Wildlife


Mr House Sparrow

Last Sunday I was out with my camera trying to catch some photos of my visiting birds and captured the painted lady butterfly and bee and was so thrilled with these shots that I completely forgot I had some photos of House Sparrows until now. How like a parrot I now remember thinking this male… Read More Mr House Sparrow


Coal Tit photos

Early this evening I was out with my camera to take photos of my garden flowers for Garden Bloom Day tomorrow. Rain is expected over the weekend. I was outside for a few spells and our visiting garden birds could clearly wait no longer to come to the feeders. The Coal Tit I have always… Read More Coal Tit photos