Getting outside

This morning started off frosty but now we have blue skies and sunshine. As I sat writing my last post (I’ve a lot of catch-up posts to do) the birds enjoyed a new seed mix that has insects. I caught I few shots through the window. Photographing the birds through the window is less than ideal I know but it seems a shame not to miss an opportunity.

First thing in the morning it is the blackbirds that are most active in my garden. Although I have noticed that they are doing a lot of fighting between themselves at the moment. They often land on my Acer tree and look about thoughtfully before they jump to the ground below.

The female blackcaps continue to grab my attention when they are at the feeders and they are a lot more sociable than the males are. I am now certain we have two females visiting and this is the young one above. I love to watch them especially as I don’t know how much longer they will stay.

The Dunnock is a very quick bird but hey I managed to get it almost standing still this morning! It looks like it is enjoying this new seed mix too as are the robins.

Finally, I discovered a few shots of the song thrush on the camera when I went to upload today’s photos – I didn’t remember taking them! It isn’t a perfect shot above but it will give you a good idea now of what this bird looks like – it really is a pretty bird. By its markings I am wondering if this could be a bird in its first winter.

Getting outside with the camera is by far the best way to get photos and this afternoon that’s exactly what I intend doing! I have wanted to capture photos from this site for a few years now and today I am going to try. The only problem is that I won’t be the only person wandering with a camera. Today I am going to a garden opening in a woodland setting with thousands and thousands of snowdrops in different varieties. As I’ve none in my own garden I hope to share some photos of my visit later tonight.

All photos above were taken in my garden.

5 thoughts on “Getting outside

  1. Your Song Thrush looks a lot like our Wood Thrush.

    I can’t wait to see the SNowdrops. I have a small clump of the regular ones. I hope to add more varieties this fall.

  2. Great photos Shirl, great detail around the eye of the blackbird, blackcaps are beautiful birds you are so lucky to have them visit you, Dunnocks on the other hand are a mystery to me, no matter how hard I try I just can’t get a decent photo.
    Great post, Mike.

  3. Good photo’s from the window. I guess you will know this, but the yellow ring around the blackbird eye shows a UK male in breeding condition, males without the yellow ring at this time are more than likely Continental birds, about to head off home before they develope the ring. Congrats on your award. Well deserved.

  4. Wonderful shots, Shirl. Today was the bird count in the U.S. and we did our bit at Faire Garden. I wish my camera could take the sorts of pix your does, they are superb.


  5. Hi again, Lisa, Mike, Border and Frances 🙂

    Lisa – I think it’s great that we have so many birds that are similar! Yes, there are lots of beautiful varieties of snowdrops aren’t they. I have just posted on my snowdrop visit so I hope you enjoy it too 😀

    Mike – Thank-you! I had never appreciated the detail like the eyes in birds until I began taking photos. I keep an eye out for the blackcaps every day as I know one day they will leave. Just a thought, why don’t you give yourself a challenge/project for the year – to get dunnock shots 😀

    Border – Thank-you, I sit at the window so it is easy to spot activity outside. As I said above it seems a waste not to try and get photos. I didn’t know about the significance of the yellow ring, thanks for sharing that with me. I really am still learning when it comes to birds and wildlife. Thank-you, the best things about these awards for me is who they come from and why they are given 😀

    Frances – Thank-you! I must pop over to see your bird count now. I will guess that you enjoyed doing it! I am sure you will get the best out of your new camera when you get used to it and I look forward to seeing many more photos from your garden 😀

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