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There really is a very warm and generous community out there in the blogging world that I have found myself in. I have met such a wide variety of people with interests very similar to my own. However, it has been the exchange of information and experience in gardening, birds and wildlife that has really taken me by surprise. Of course, these exchanges have also come from outside the blogging world too through email and comments. I would like to thank you all for making writing a blog such a rewarding experience.

Last Sunday Jodi at Bloomingwriter left a comment on one of my posts to say that I had received an award and to pop by her blog where I could pick it up. She herself had very deservingly been awarded ‘E for Excellent’ so I was very flattered indeed that she in turn listed my blog in her list of nominations.

However, I was particularly delighted by her reason for nominating my blog: ‘Another blogger with a concern for living creatures in and outside her garden plot’. I thought I would in turn take that route for my nominations which are not listed in any particular order. Congratulations to you all!!

Fen Photography and Wildlife Photographic Journals where Mike and Richard both have excellent photos of birds and wildlife from their gardens and other areas in the UK. Their photos inspire an interest in nature.

Urban Extension where Jane has wildlife photos and video but also finds time to search out and record ancient trees in her local area. (UK)

Blue-Grey, this is new to me, where Doug has also a Nestbox with a camera, photos and video of birds and wildlife. He also has some excellent moon shots. (UK)

Wildlife Gardener is telling the story of how she is making a garden for wildlife with photos and video of visiting wildlife with words that match them beautifully. (UK)

Bliss where Yolanda has an ornamental kitchen garden which would inspire anyone to grow fruit and veg. Yolanda also gardens organically and welcomes birds and wildlife. (Netherlands)

Monarch’s Nature Blog where a team update with excellent photos, video and stories from Allegany State Park and surrounding area. (USA)

Usually in turn it is suggested that you too nominate a few deserving blogs that you have discovered. However I know this is tricky. However, it is a great way of discovering new blogs too and also of introducing ones that you have found to others. There is often a graphic that goes with an award that you can proudly display – usually in the sidebar. By displaying award graphics you let others know you have been presented/nominated but this is entirely your own choice.

13 thoughts on “Blog Awards

  1. Blimey!
    Cheers Shirl!
    I nominated Jane’s “Urban extension” as my blog of the year last year (my first year blogging as “Blue-Grey”), and have been finding a few more sites (including yours) since!

    I’d like to draw your attention if I may to another wonderful blog (apart from yours and Janes!), full of first-class imagery (and not digiscoped portrait shots, but actual thoughful composition).

    The Blog is called “Everything is permuted” and is written by “Words”.
    You could copy and paste this link into your search bar should you want to check it out…


    Its very “foxy” at first glance, and is WELL worth looking at and then past the fox posts though!

  2. I would also like to nominate one other blog if I may.
    “My Wildlife Friendly Garden” written over in Holland by Shirley O’Brien.
    Really first class observations in a diary fashion, with some great photographs to boot.
    Always a real pleaure to visit.

    Cop and paste THIS link, should you want to visit Shirley’s site…


  3. Hi there, Doug 🙂

    You are most welcome! I am looking forward to seeing your Nestbox action this year and more moon shots as well as your garden birds and wildife.

    Thanks for the links. I checked the first one out and it does look interesting so I will look again later. I will also check out my namesake’s site too! Thanks for passing these on 😀

  4. Thanks Shirl. I’ve never had an “E” for Excellence. I got E in my school report a few times if I remember rightly… but my Mum usually wasn’t too happy! Something to do with “talking too much” and “not concentrating in class” I don’t think they thought “E” was for excellence!

    I will have a think about other people to nominate for this. Trouble is you have picked all my favourites already. Fen Photography and Wildlife Photographic Journal I love for their wonderful photographs, and Blue-Grey for his amazing macro insect shots (that I am now addicted to), his determination to get a shot and his amusing posts. Plus there’s your blog, which I look at everyday for wonderful bird and plant photos and your thoughtful posts.

    That’s four. I will have to have a dig around and see who else there is!

    Thanks again Shirl. It was really good to wake up to this on a Sunday morning! Jane

  5. Suddenly realised who I’d missed for my “E” for Excellence list! Locks Park Farm at:


    For her brilliant photographs of wildlife and nature and her descriptions of a small Devon Farm. Which sometimes have me in tears!

    Also Notes on Nature. Which is actually the official blog for the RSPB. It’s very well written and illustrated by staff at their headoffice. A great read.


    Thanks! Jane

  6. Shirl, you certainly deserve the big E. I just love your site you do such a good job of presenting.
    I also enjoy the links you have on your blog. Keep up the good work.

  7. Wow Shirl, thank you very much.
    When you start these blogs your not sure if anyone will see them let alone take the time and trouble to comment and contact you.
    I didn’t know these things excisted so if I had known my award would instantly go to you, your blog is truly inspirational.
    Thanks again, Mike.

  8. Hi again Jane, Lisa, Mike and Jodi 🙂

    Jane – You are very welcome! You, talking too much? Yes, nominations are tricky when the ones you’d pick are gone. This also has a flip side in that you have to look further for different ones as your second comment has shown. I had heard of notes on nature but not Locks Park Farm so thanks for introducing me to that one 😀

    Lisa – Thank-you! I love doing the presentation part of my blog and I am delighted that you enjoy my links as I take time searching for them so that they compliment the content in my blog. I hope I can keep going for a while yet – after today’s postings (I have one more catch-up tomorrow) I’m going to take a few days catching up on other blogs – including yours and all the other GBBD posts. Oh yes and some of the new blogs I have just been told about 😀

    Mike – You are most welcome! I completely agree, it is the time and trouble taken in comments that I value greatly myself. There are a number of awards in varying degrees. I have one other at the very bottom of my sidebar which I was delighted to get too. Thanks, Mike you are very kind indeed 😀

    Jodi – Thanks, what can I say to you? You would have been in my list for nominations! Yes, as do I but I need more time in the day to read the new ones. I also want to browse more in Blotanical too 😀

  9. Hey, thanks so very much for the award and you are too kind! Thank you for being involved in this community and your wonderful post!

  10. Thanks a bunch of snowdrops Shirl, for nominating me. And many congrats on getting this award yourself, well done you!

  11. Hi again, Tom and Yolanda 😀

    Tom – you are very welcome, you have some fantastic photos and I love your videos too! Thank-you, I am enjoying being involved in this blogging community 😀

    Yolanda – You are very welcome, you do a great job in promoting ornamental kitchen gardens which is the way forward for so many people. Gardening organically also helps many others too. Plant showers are definitely the way to go 😀

  12. I have recently started a minisite called “Green your Corner”


    as part of my IndianWildlifeClub website. Would like to get comments from your readers.

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