Great expectations

This morning I am going to the Gardening Scotland Show at Ingliston. I took photos from my own garden yesterday as you can see below although there are many more I could include – perhaps I will supplement this Blog with a photo one.

The first two plants above were bought at Gardening Scotland – the Meconopsis from a sell-off on the last day of the show a few years ago and the heuchera was one of a few new varieties I bought last year. I wonder what will catch my attention today?

Ornamental grasses I expect will be popular again this year – I wonder though what plants will be planted with them. You will see above my Stipa Gigantea with Cirsium through it – this is the biggest display of heads I have ever had. Soon the drumstick Allium will be in the foreground.

I do like to see all the planting combinations – I expect there will be wild areas with wild flowers this year and lots of foliage plants.

There will be garden Structures and Sculptures but my search for an Arbour is over. There will be climbers too – my wisteria is nearly in full flower as you can see. I have a very large number of flowers this year.

I wonder what will be the most popular purchases in carrier bags this year? Clematis is always a favourite as are the alliums now.

I must go now and as I live across the River Forth I am about to travel across the Forth Road bridge and expect I will get caught with queues as there are road repairs on the bridge. If you are travelling by train you may cross the Forth Rail Bridge I captured these photos above yesterday as I passed through South Queensferry. I must dash now – we have a picnic packed and are ready to go!

4 thoughts on “Great expectations

  1. Hi, Shirl! I see you were off to the Scottish gardening show. I hope you had a nice time.

    I do hope these chicks reach adulthood…I’m still catching up with your previous posts after being in London for a week to visit our sons, and go to the Chelsea Flower Show and RHS Wisley.

    BTW, there’s a new post on Chris Beardshaw’s Chelsea garden and photos of our ponds at Barleycorn on my garden photo blog:)

  2. Hi again and welcome back,

    I enjoyed my visit to Gardening Scotland although nothing really jumped out this year. I feel the show format there needs an extra something!

    Sadly our chicks died when Chelsea was on.

    Chelsea must have been a great experince for you but I am sure you would have had a great time at Wisley too! It’s a long time since I visited there.

    I have just looked at your post on Chris Beardshaw’s Garden – great photos and your ponds are looking good too! I can almost hear the wildlife when I look at them.

    I loved the plants and colours of Chris’s garden but my favourite garden of Chelsea 2007 was Andy Sturgeon’s Cancer Research Garden – I loved the flow of the plants throughout it.

  3. Well, how was it??? Hope you enjoyed yourself! What did you buy?

    Lovely pics of your garden Shirl, love that Stipa and how wonderful your wisteria looks. I hope it is fragrant too?

  4. Well, Yolanda

    For some reason the show, and people, didn’t have the sparkle I have seen on previous years.

    I took my camera and a record number of photos! It was the lowest number of photos I have ever taken at any garden show – seventeen! I put my camera safely away as I bought a plant and never took it out again ;-(

    I went with my daughter and we still had a good time – the picnic was good! I bought a lovely selection of silver foliaged plants and a clematis ‘silver moon’. I am planting a silver border for our Silver Wedding Anniversary. I will show pics soon.

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