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I began this gardenwatch blog/diary as a way of showing pictures of the robin and other garden birds to my friend in Australia by taking short videos in my garden. Recently I have captured some shots with my still camera but my postings were focused on our Nestbox. Tonight I would like to share these photos with anyone else that misses the pretty little British/European Robin.

It is now morning in Australia and I am hoping these pictures will bring a smile and brighten up my friend’s day! They were all taken in my garden in May 2007.

7 thoughts on “Bring a smile

  1. Very cute although it looks the spitting image of the Dutch robin, and the German one and the Swedish robin and the ….!:-)

    Have you go a special camera to take these pics with? Good work btw!

  2. Hi again Yolanda,

    Funnily enough, I hoped you would comment if our Robin looked the same as yours and… 😉 It was late when I posted and I meant to check the books – sorry.

    For my birthday I got a digital SLR camera and I mostly use the zoom lens. At the moment I just point and shoot but I should learn more. It is great fun to use.

    Thanks – the results really are with little effort on my part – just patience! I got some cracking shots of flowers today!

  3. Hello Shirl, Your Robin photos nearly made me cry – aren’t they just perfect. You’re very good with your camera and must be very patient. There is a setting on my camera, and maybe on yours too, which is called kids and pets – I imagine this is for taking things that move about, so it might be helpful, although I don’t think they could be any better.Digital macro setting is brilliant for stamens etc when you are taking plant photos. Jo

  4. Hi again, Jo

    What a lovely comment – my friend in Australia may well cry when she sees them. I had never realised how pretty they, and other ordinary garden birds, actually were until I starting using my camera and look at them on my PC screen.

    I am having great fun using my camera. Yes thanks, it does have a variety of settings and I have many to explore – when I get the time. I am at present working on another two supplementary blogs for photos so I can show more without my main blog taking so long to load. Tonight I have shirls plantphotos working and soon I will have one for shirls birdphotos – so I might move some of the robin photos over for that. What fun I am also having writing this blog too!

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