Wild Flowers July 2007

Finally, I have completed my photo collection of wild flowers I took whilst on holiday in Wales. I have always paid attention to the road side edges as I pass by but armed with my camera it was quite a different experience.

In the photo groups below B2 and B3 were taken from a small, moving, steam train near Llanberis! I love to see collections of flowers colonising as they do in the wild giving such wonderful natural drifts – especially when they grow with/on stones and rocks.

I love to plant in drifts of the same plant, or colour, in my own garden – weaving through it and tying it all together. I find this works particularly well with a small garden. I have planted like that for many years – long before it became fashionable to do this. I also really love to work with stone – but that I will keep for another post.

Displaying my photos the way I do is quite time consuming but I really enjoy the creativity and feel it gives a fuller flavour or the colours and variety of the plants. If you are familiar with my photo montages you will have noticed I have added a letter and number index. I have added this as I have been struggling to identify my photos and would like to invite anyone to join me in identifying these plants. As I get suggestions I will list and acknowledge them.

Okay, so the photos above perhaps don’t look that colourful or interesting for that matter either! By the way I think B1 is a stone crop of some sort and B3 is saxifrage perhaps. A1, I also think is perhaps a small creeping cranesbill (hardy geranium). So it doesn’t look like I have much to identify?

Not much of challenge here then – true. I am very much aware that many of my readers are more interested in birds and I don’t want them to find me, see plants, and leave with a very quick click of the mouse! I have a lot of posts on my visiting garden birds, photos and videos taken in my garden as well as Camera Nestbox. Perhaps some of the gardeners would enjoy looking through them too.

Back to the wild flowers and the challenge – I am absolutely thrilled with my collection of photos especially when I could barely stand up with strong winds when most were taken! My photos have really only given a very small taster of how pretty they look close up and how striking the colours can be too. If you think about it they would need to be to attract the insects, in particular the bees, so they in turn will survive.

Sorry, I have kept you in suspense here – if you would like to see my collection of wild flower photos and take part in my challenge click here. By the way the index A1 actually goes to R3!

2 thoughts on “Wild Flowers July 2007

  1. Great pictures of the flowers. I’m afraid I’m not much help in identifying them, but I enjoyed looking at them!

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  2. Hi again, Carol

    Thanks – I was so surprised when I uploaded the pics that any were anywhere near in focus as it was so windy when I took them. I could have taken so many more but it rained as well!

    I’m glad you enjoyed looking at them – the ID was an extra for those who might fancy the challenge!

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