Meteors tonight

Tonight, if we have a clear sky we will head out in to the garden at around 10pm, UK time, to see if we can see the annual Perseid meteor shower. I have just read on the BBC News online that tonight is a good night for the UK. You can see video of last years shower here .

In March we went into the garden to watch a lunar eclipse and I tried to catch it on video. The picture below shows a grabbed frame from the video. At the time I came across much clearer photos on another blog which you can see here here .

Happy stargazing!

4 thoughts on “Meteors tonight

  1. I’ve only just discovered your blog sadly, I thought I was the only blogger interested in this meteor shower! I had great views here (sorry about that) spent a couple of hours outside that night, which turned out to be the warmest and most pleasant one we’ve had all summer I think. Saw at least 10 shooting stars, was a fantastic sight. It was the night I kicked the poor little hedgehog….

  2. Hi again, Jan

    I was delighted to hear than you had a good viewing of the meteor shower. I bet it was a fantastic sight – I have never seen one.

    Shame about the hedgehog – although you are probably not the only one that has done that! You cared for it afterwards so it was lucky it was you 🙂

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