Wildlife ‘protection’ lists

Yesterday’s news reported that ‘Hedgehogs and house sparrows have been included on an updated list of species and habitats which need protection’. To read more on this article go to BBC News where there are other links that may be of interest too. If you have been following my gardenwatch you will know that in the last two weeks we have had a hedgehog visiting a feeding station I made for it. If you are a new visitor you can read all about these visits here.

House Sparrows are not a problem in my garden at the moment as you can see from the pictures above which were taken this morning. There were quite a group of them fighting at this feeder – mostly females but a couple of males too. The Blue Tits and Great Tits would dive in a take a sunflower heart away when the other birds were squabbling! Females are shown in the photos – they really are quite pretty despite their dull colouring.

The photos above was taken in my garden on August 29th 2007.

6 thoughts on “Wildlife ‘protection’ lists

  1. Super photos. I have more House Sparrows than any other bird here too at present, not for long though when the Starlings return in October…

  2. Hi again, Jan

    Thanks. I have possibly more greenfinches than housesparrows. I hadn’t realised the Starlings didn’t return until October. Nobody told ours! Yesterday we had quite an invasion of Starlings at the feeders :-0

  3. Shirl, I had so many sparrows at my house today. I did a post with a link to yours teasing about the sparrow.
    I wish I could get close ups of them. Yours is great!

  4. I like house sparrows too, they’re very pretty if you really look at them. They don’t seem to be doing too badly round Edinburgh at the moment either.

  5. Hi again, Layanee and Robin and Hello Crafty Green Poet.

    Layanee – Thanks. Although I have a zoom lens they allowed me to get fairly close – they were too busy fighting to notice me!

    Robin – I’ve just looked at your post. Gosh yes, so you did and I bet it was noisy too! The link was too good an opportunity to miss 🙂 BTW your flower close-ups are, as someone from Glasgow (Scotland) would say, ‘pure dead brilliant’!

    Crafty Green Poet – house sparrows I always thought were a bit dull until I began photographing them. Yes, they really are quite pretty birds aren’t they? Good to hear Edinburgh has plenty too 🙂

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