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Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Okay, I’ve registered my blog to say that I have taken part with a post today. I am also recycling the photo above. The organisers say:

“Our aim is to get people thinking, discussing, questioning and talking about the environment, from every angle, niche, viewpoint and personality.”

I am simply going to say that directly through writing this gardenwatch blog I myself have become much more aware of the birds and wildlife that visit my garden and how easily their survival can hang in the balance.

For Blog Action Day I would like to raise the profile of Bees who play an invaluable job of pollinating our wildflowers and crops. Sadly their numbers are in decline at the moment. As a gardener I have already planted a number of plants that are attractive to bees and I will continue to do this. I have a variety of plants in my small garden and as more and more wildlife discover my garden I feel I am making a difference.

Update 24th October – Thank-you Gillian, at the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, for identifying the bee in my photo above as a male white-tailed bumblebee (Bombus lucorum).

The photo above was taken in my garden on September 20th 2007.

7 thoughts on “Blog Action Day

  1. Nice post, Shirl–and I love that you “recycled” a picture for this post!

    You’re so right about the bees. And not only are they so important, but also they bring so much pleasure if you take the time to observe them. I could watch the pollinators hanging out on my fennel and lavender for hours. 🙂

  2. Your entire blog is pretty much about the environment & the creatures that inhabit it. I look forward to more bird & bee shots.

  3. Hi again, Kim and Mr McGregor’s Daughter 🙂

    Kim – thank-you I went with my first instinct on this one 🙂 Yes, it is lovely to watch all the wildlife enjoy our plants isn’t it 😀

    Mr McGregor’s Daughter – thank-you very much I am delighted that you see my blog in that way 😀 I look forward to posting more pics 🙂

  4. Hi again, Mr Brown Thumb

    Thank-you. What an excellent idea to bring together the garden blogs which took part in Blog Action Day. I enjoyed browsing your links and comments.

  5. Hi!

    This is Gillian from the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. This gorgeous photograph shows a male of the white-tailed bumblebee (Bombus lucorum).

    It’s great to see that you have set up this blog recording the wildlife that you see in your garden. I will enjoy keeping an eye on your site to find out what other visitors your garden receives!

  6. Thank-you once again, Gillian!

    You have identified the bee in this photo as a male bee – I would definitely never have guessed that! Sorry – it looks too pretty 😀

    Thanks also for your kind comments about my blog – I am thoroughly enjoying discovering about the wildlife that visits my garden. I do hope you will visit again 😀

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