‘It worked!’ cont

Every now and again I mail a column in a local newspaper, The Courier, to share current stories of what’s happening in my garden. My garden is not unique and I know many of its readers are likely to have the same activity in their gardens. I would like to welcome these readers to my garden diary/blog. You will find my post mentioned in the ‘Craigie’ column today here . I hope you enjoy your visit and are enjoying your gardens and visiting wildlife too.

The photo above was taken in my Camera Nestbox on November 5th, 2007. I wonder if the Blue Tit was waiting for the fireworks to start!

2 thoughts on “‘It worked!’ cont

  1. Nice site – that bird is so cute. Where did you find it…it looked as though this picture was taken at night – was that the nest is built?
    The Garden Gossip

  2. Hello, Garden Gossip

    Thank-you! The bird in our Nestbox is a Blue Tit.

    The photo was taken at around 4:30pm in our Nestbox which has a camera. We can only get pictures from this camera during the day as it is lit by daylight through holes in the roof. You are quite correct that it was getting dark when it was taken.

    The Blue Tit didn’t make this nest. When I cleaned out this box about a month ago I put in the woodshavings you see in the photo. The RSPB recommend this for birds that might want to roost in nestboxes over winter. We have been very lucky to see a bird use our Nestbox 😀

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