Just in time

I have been trying to get photos from my own garden for some time but winds and rain have been a problem when I have had the opportunity. My garden plants are putting on new growth and it definitely feels like Spring here. I am delighted to finally introduce a new resident to my garden, a beautiful hellebore. I will look out the label tomorrow.

March can be a tricky month bringing all sorts of weather including gales. We have had hail stones over the weekend and had spells of strong winds these last few weeks. However, it is England that is sitting with a severe weather warning for gales tomorrow. I hope it isn’t as bad as the predictions.

Crocus growing through plants like London Pride and Ivy were looking good today as I walked around my garden late in the afternoon. I had forgotten I had planted these bulbs there, or perhaps I should say that I moved them there!

Snowdrops were gently nodding in the wind in my silver border. I planted them there as they have silver grey leaves. These are recent plantings and I will always think of Dalmeny when I look at them.

Drumstick Primulas are showing serious signs of growth and I had been hoping that I would get photos before the tiny pink flowers completely formed into perfect balls. I was just in time.

Candelabra Primulas, Rubeckia and Alliums were showing the most promise today on my garden walkabout. Now don’t these photos make you think of the gardening year to come? I am really, really looking forward to seeing my bargain Allium bulbs coming into flower! My Rubeckia (right top) I was particularly pleased to see show signs of growth as I moved and divided it last Autumn. I am looking forward to seeing how it will look in its new home.

Bulbs are thriving in their home of my lawn. However this area is now going through a transition period between the crocus and narcissi. The first photo above was taken late this afternoon and as you can see that wind, rain, sleet and hailstones have finally taken their toll on the crocus flowers as they now lay flattened on the ground. I haven’t forgotten how well they have looked as you can see in the following photos taken last weekend. I have to be honest and say I have really underestimated the crocus – this year I have really been taken by it. I wonder what other plants I will be taken with this year – I have one in mind…

The photos above were all taken in my garden on March 9th 2008.

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  1. the kids just told me about strong wind warnings for tomorrow hope alls ok , I miss spring we do not get any goes from snow and ice to 90’s just like that as tommy cooper used to say


  2. Every thing looks lovely. We are a few weeks behind you, I just saw good buds on my Hellebores today.

    In the past few years I’ve added primroses but haven’t found any drumstick varieties yet. They are so lovely!

  3. Lovely lovely post. Photos are stunning, so colourful. Thanks for visiting me.
    Storm has started and its not looking good at the moment.
    It makes a change for Scotland not to be hit, I hope you don’t get this, you get enough bad weather.
    Will visit again, glad I found you.

  4. Wow Shirl, your garden is way ahead of our garden. That Hellebore is just beautiful. I have never seen a Drumstick Primula before it is very interesting.

  5. Oh, Shirl, so much beauty. Like you, I don’t get much excited about the crocus, but our had a good year this time around also. Maybe need to get a few more. We love primroses but they are hard to get here, except for the polyanthas. By the time the mail ordered ones are shipped, it is too hot to get them going, they just melt. Maybe from seed?

    Frances at Faire Garden

  6. Hi there Steve, Melanie, Cheryl, Azziria, Lisa, Frances and Mr McGregor’s Daughter 🙂

    Steve – Funnily enough we took an unexpected gust overnight toppling our Arbour into our hedge – fortunately it was a very established Leyladii !! Shame – I think Spring is the best time of the year 🙂

    Melanie – Thank-you, funnily enough we are two weeks behind England. I missed the bud stage of this hellebore as I bought in flower. However I did buy a selection of young plants last autumn that didn’t give any buds this year. I love primroses but my favourite has to be our native pale yellow ones that I used to see in the woodlands as a child 😀

    Cheryl – Thank-you and hello there! You are most welcome. Hope the storm didn’t cause any damage with you. Yes, we do get a full mix of weather here. Thank-you for your visit and I look forward to your visits here and discovering more on your blog 😀

    Azziria – It certainly is – I must find the label 😀

    Lisa – Yes, it is fascinating to see the differences in our gardens across the world. Your garden kept going longer in the season than mine I think. The hellebore is even more beautiful – I forgot to show the hidden seedlings it has at the base of the plant! I cannot decide if I should lift them or leave them. Perhaps I should do both! The drumstick and candelabra primulas are wonderful to watch as small flowers keep on appearing as they would do on a cacti 😀

    Frances – Yes, lovely! Yep I have decided to cut the crocus some slack and plan to plant some more this autumn. I might also consider the autumn crocus this year. I agree perhaps we should plant them as we would narcissi! Sorry to hear that you have difficulty getting primroses. I know I have a couple of fancy ones but it is the pale lemon native ones that I love the most – I grew mine from seed and they now seed themselves quite happily.

    Mr McGregor’s Daughter – It so is 😀

  7. Oh it is so great ot see soem fo yur htigns coming up! I love hellebores and htis one looks beautiful.

  8. Booahh, this dark double hellebore is beautiful, beautiful!! I must say, after having seen all those lovely pictures, Spring is indeed with you, Shirl!

  9. Hi again Carol, Barbara and Mel 🙂

    Carol – I agree it is great to see the new growth coming through the soil. Yep that hellebore is a real beauty 😀

    Barbara – It is, it really is! Yes it looks like Spring but no sooner had I taken my photos and we had a shower of hailstones again. The plants certainly think it is Spring 😀

    Mel – Sorry don’t know what happened there. I was previewing my replies maybe that caused a problem. Oh my… what a nice thing to say! However I would imagine the temperature differences between Peru and Scotland would catch us both out if we were to exchange gardens! Happy Birdwatching 😀

  10. Ahhh… Candelabra Primulas one of my favorites and a real favorite of my Granny so they always remind me of her… it actually looks like yours are a bit further on than those here.. Mind you after the storms here today I’ve no idea what sort of shape the garden is going to be in – it’s been horrible. Happy gardening Miranda

  11. I know what you mean. I’d really like to get outside and photograph our camelias, but they are getting battered by the wind and rain. I love your pictures though… How are all your birds at the moment. Nesting yet? Jane

  12. Your spring flowers look beautiful, I hope they are safe from these strong winds 🙂 Thanks for visiting my garden. The hellebore is beautiful! Such a rich deep colour!

  13. Hi again Miranda & Jane and hello Chris & Chey 🙂

    Miranda – My favourite place for seeing Candelbra Primulas has to be the Cornish garden Trebah – along a stream leading down to the huge gunnera walk. Well worth a return visit. Hope yours survive the weather. I hope mine flowers this year if not I will replace them. I disturbed them two years ago to get pieces of root to take cuttings – oops 😉

    Jane – Yes, the wind is blasting about my garden as I write this! Camellias are just meant to be photographed – hope you get some shots soon. As you have seen in my next post no nesting has started in my garden. A bit early yet 😀

    Chris – Thank-you, despite having a Leylandii hedge on two sides some plants still get a battering with the wind. Most survive – its always the meconopsis I worry about as petals get blown even in a sheltered spot! You are welcome – I enjoyed my visit and will return to browse more. Ah… the colour of the hellebore is wonderful 😀

    Chey – Thank-you and welcome to another visitor from Nova Scotia. I see you are a fan of daylilies. I love to see them in other people’s gardens but I don’t have enough sunshine for them in my garden or free space. They really are quite fascinating flowers 😀

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