Love your greens?

I certainly do and I know I’m not the only one! So there was no hesitation whatsoever when Emma at A Nice Green Leaf said she was considering promoting the green leaves of our gardens. I just said let me know when! She just has – June 30th.

I am expecting a big turn out for this one. If you would like to join in on Monday just pop over to read Emma’s invitation and leave a comment there when you have posted. Then just return later to enjoy browsing the posts. Mm… now the fun part. I wonder how I will share mine. It’s good to share…

Sharing worked well in this feeder today although three was a crowd and the third juvenile blue tit just wasn’t allowed in!

This feeder is the one that was kindly loaned to me by Lyn a volunteer at the RSPB to help our single Mum feed the blue tit chicks in our camera Nestbox. Sadly she was too late in taking the live mini mealworms I put in the dish. I decided to leave it up for a while longer in the hope that juveniles from another nest may find it. I was delighted to see they have! I put peanuts in it for a change thinking they might take them away.

After I saw one young bird using it yesterday I decided to put the peanuts through my food processor to chop them up a bit just as I did for the juvenile hedgehogs last year. Why? Well, it was dropping the whole nut on the ground where the young bird wasn’t safe from predators like cats. So I made a simple mix of some sunflower hearts and lots of broken peanuts – boy has this been popular!

So now let’s see how popular the green leaves really are in our gardens!

The photos above were taken in my garden on June 26th 2008.

10 thoughts on “Love your greens?

  1. I have lots of green in my garden right now. Actually I was complaining that I needed more flowers. This showing of the greens might be right up my alley.

    Good idea chopping up the pnuts. The birds waste so much of the large pieces anyway by pecking a bite then dropping the larger piece.

  2. Thanks for letting me know – I shall walk my garden tomorrow looking for greens
    An Artist’s Garden

  3. I have mostly green. In the shade I’ve definitely learned to appreciate foliage.

    Great idea chopping up the peanuts! Apparently the tits agree!

  4. Hi again Lisa, Nancy, Karen and Garden girl 😀

    Lisa – Great, looking forward to seeing them! Yes, I don’t know why I didn’t think of chopping up the peanuts before. It has been funny to watch the other birds try and fail to work out how to get into this feeder and these new kids on the block get straight in every time. Of course they did see a parent going in first! Have a great weekend 😀

    Nancy – lol. Like Frances you are quick off the mark with your posting. Great photos and I love your quote too. Have a great weekend 😀

    Karen – I thought you might be interested in this one. Looking forward to seeing your posting. It has been too wet or windy here – hope it’s better with you! Have a great weekend 😀

    Garden girl – Again I thought you would have lots of foliage plants. Hope you can join in too 🙂 Yep… the blue tits definitely agree and they look a little safer in this feeder too. I am very happy at least that I can help some blue tit chicks get a good start. They certainly won’t go hungry! Have a great weekend 😀

  5. Thanks for letting m know about the green 30th day… I’ll definitely see what’s happening and do a post.

  6. Hi again Border 🙂

    I hoped you would see this post. I was going to leave you a comment later tomorrow to make sure. I knew you would be interested 😀

    Have a great weekend 😀

  7. I love green in the garden. And I also love different green leaves. Maybe therefore I am so fond of hostas – among others- , I don’t know. Looking forward to see your green leaves.
    Have a nice Sunday!

  8. Hi again Barbara, I had a feeling you would enjoy this kind of posting 😀

    I was late in getting my post done but I did get it in just on time. If you browse the posts on Emma’s post from the link you will see lots of great presentations of green and other colours of leaves. I would recommend a visit there 😀

    Have a great week 😀

  9. A wonderful report on green leaves, Shirl! I liked to see your different greens in all the various shapes and forms and textures. And now – thanks to you post – I finally know the English word for the smallest “leaves” which we also have in our pond “duck weed”.
    BTW, I know the good feeling one has, when suddenly meeting an unknown person with the same interests. And my children (!) too, were so astonished about her mother when I met for the first time a blogger friend from abroad.
    I enjoyed to read yours and Yolanda-Elizabeth’s post 🙂 !!

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